Show off YOU photos!

So I liked the thread BarklessDog posted asking for crate pictures. We all love seeing photos right?!? So, thanks to him & Maya [since he got the idea from her] I decided to start a thread each week that requests photos of different themes. I hope I get some participation, if not I obviously won't do it anymore :o

So for this week, how about everyone post a photo(s) of themselves with their Basenji(s)??? It can be all of you, part of you, from lounging around, from a dog show, etc. Anything you'd like to share as long as YOU are in it in some way 🙂 So let's see those pictures!!!

Here is mine:

Great idea, photo of the week will be fun, your photo is very cute.

So here's a recent pic on Tiggy and I

Sorry, but I take 99% of the pictures, so his is the closest I have

LMAO. That is the funniest picture ever!!!!! Thanks for sharing :p

This has been posted before but, Squiggy, Petey and I.


Barklessdog…. I've heard of people beginning to look like their dogs but you carry it to a new extreme. But a fine looking fellow you are!!


LMAO Too funny Barklessdog! Here's one of Sally Jo and I today for you. She is more camera shy than I.
o.k. how do you copy a picture on this?hahaha


um never mind I figured it out!

here we are sleeping….


Tayda Lenny-How sweet Sally sleeps like that too….to think we thought she was a nut job. But cute!

Um Anthony- Where are you? I see your babies, now lets see you!

i have so many i couldn't pick just one 😃

Here's an old one, from whrn I got Medjai


We sure do love our b's don't we!

sharronhurlbut- The same goes with you- Lest see your face's!

Hholbow- So tiny but soooo cute. We adopted Sally so she was an adult…luv the baby version! Your B's really luv Mommy.

Nexa is the camera hog:D


Hahahaha Nexa!!!!
That is a great picture!

Was that taken at Mt. Evans or down by Greeley.
When I lived in Colorado I used to go to Mt. Evans all the time. Quite beautiful!

That was actually taken just south of Colorado Springs where I got Medjai. I really should get out and get some newer pictures. We do have great weather and views for pictures.

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