Show off those tails

Show off those tails-

Never to uncurl again!

It's only fair to show hers

Wowie, zowie! That tri has a REALLY curly tail! It is a DQ twist tail!

I've never seen a tail like that! It's not so much a curl, as a twist or a spring!! Crazy!

Wow! How cute - a corkscrew! They're beautiful!

LOL, duh, THAT's the word I was looking for –- CORKSCREW!!!

HOW CUTE!! It looks like a curly fry to me 😃 😃 LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Basenji Mix


It looks like a curly fry to me 😃 😃 LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

😃 LOL!! "curly fry"! Funny description - so true! 😃 LOL

Boy, does your tri have a curly tail…it is cute though...

that is a beautiful tri….great markings....

Thanks, his whole litter looked great. The whole litter was tris. He's now almost 6 years and he has a lot of white fur creaping in on his black coat, which was perfectly black in his youth.

My son used to show in junior showmanship and I remember other black dog owners using sharpie marker to remove those stray white hairs.

My wife keeps his tail trimmed-

This is still my favorite picture of Jazzy's tail, taken after a romp in the woods.

There is something Greek about that picture!

I love it! Jazzy is into floral design!

Love the Naruto ninja collar on the second tri, my daughter would be totally into that.

Those tails are so cute!

Our dog has great Chackra but needs to work on his Ninjustu, but is proficiant in his taijustu.

Preying Mantis pose

Oooh, definitely Genin material! 😃

I've suffered through Barney, Bananas In Pajamas, & Power Rangers (I was lucky to dodge the Tellitubies)

Naruto & Bleach are two of the Anime's I actually enjoy as an adult.

Oh yes. We were in Barney's clutches for years. I am lucky now as she likes anime a lot, and I enjoy some of the titles as well. We are big Naruto fans, she likes Bleach as well, plus Miyazaki's films.

If Athena had been a boy dog, she would probably have named him Haku or Ashitaka!

wow that IS a curly fry tail, lol. Awesome pics! heres my "Jackers" tail…

He was all decorated out for my baby shower, lol…

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