Basenji show pics!

Here the pics of yesterday's show..


Baby class
Dondoro Toko Kilima

Abotere's Zhaid

Intermediate class
Eldorado's Keeper of the Flame

Tillo waiting for his turn..

Youth class
Bari Napsugar Africa Chandu (Best male, BOB)

Elegant Elephant Mirtillo

Champion class
Arg. champion Abotere's Antar NJK (Res. Best male)


Open class
Wanyika Gaia

Intermediate class
Abotere's Imarah (Res. Best Bitch)

Youth class
Abotere's Ghaleya

Champion class
Am. Belg. Lux. Champion Eldorado's Zari Bu Saqqara (Best Bitch, BOS)



Tillo eating BOB's ear πŸ˜ƒ


Tillo eating BOB's ear πŸ˜ƒ

Best of them all… :D:D

That last pic is great, you can almost here Tillo say "that will teach you for beating me". Great pics:D

Go Tillo! Love that last pic. I almost feel like I was at the show. Thanks for sharing.

I love that last pic… :D:D:D Great photos...

Great pics - I especially like the one of Tillo waiting - he always looks so regal! πŸ™‚

beautiful pictures!! looks like a very nice day

Tillo you're so naughty

Tillo eating BOB's ear πŸ˜ƒ

Great photo?s!!!!
Nice to see some B?s I know!!! πŸ˜ƒ

Ooooohhh how nice to see Razi and Gaia!!! (sooooo very nice people wich are friends of us… they're totally in loooovvvee with their B's!!! That's the people that set up the basenji meeting

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