Camping At Blackpool Championship Show (MANY Pics!)

  • We spent Thursday til Saturday at Blackpool Champ Show with all THIRTEEN doggies!! Was a fab weekend, all the dogs were so well behaved, we had some lovely show results and a nice mini-holiday. On the way home saturday afternoon we stopped overnight at Derbyshire County Show. Not so nice for camping (think rowdy drunk people…!!) and today was far too hot so we didnt stay too long. BUT, Saffie the labbie got RBOB in some very good company - really pleased with her!! I took hundreds of pics over the last few days, mostly at the beach, but thought I would share a selection... Get comfy!

    We had a fab plot at Blackpool. Someone had just left when we arrived, they had been queuing for about 2 hours for the campsite to open on monday to get this plot around the edge of the field :eek: We turned up thursday afternoon and got it 😃 We had the entire corner (about 10ft more behind where I was stood) but we didnt need it as we dont have that much stuff!!

    Check out the view from the caravan!!

    Labrador pups in the awning:

    And Puglets:

    Chloe and Meg in the caravan

    Meg getting in some shade:

    Wet Chloe:

    Delilah not too happy, in with the boys!

    And Maya has to be ON something of course…

    and digging:


    Ruby of course who, on this trip, has learned to yap like my mums pug!!

    Lots of random beach pics:



    Annie and Ruby (yes, my mum gave her pup the same name as my parrot!!!) playing in the water:

    Maya pouncing on Lilah lol

    Lots more to come!!

  • Charge!

    Annie and Delilah


    Maya fell in this rather deep pool thinking she could trot through it rather than go all the way around lol!


    Spot the basenji

    Beautiful Lilah


    Me and Maya!

    Even more to come…

  • We had a minor panic here!! Delilah was just running through the (what we thought was) shallow pools to follow us, we had walked through it and it was not even ankle deep, but for some reason she veered left, despite me calling her, and ran straight into the deep part, which was about 3ft deep. I snapped this pic, meaning to get her trotting through the shallow water, but it actually caught her dropping into the deep bit!!

    Delilah cant swim very well so I literally dropped the camera where I was stood and had to wade out to rescue her lol! She was not very happy, and neither was I… check out where the water came up to - not the most flattering look...!!!

    Here she is shortly afterwards negotiating a shallow pool sensibly…

    And some of her showing off how soaked she was!


    And with her little sis attacking her:

    And finally, some random snaps in the caravan after the exhausting walk:

    Tired Chloe.. She is ten this year, so getting old now!

    Pug slugs



    Maya ready for bed

  • Oooh, just found these, from yesterdaysshow!



    Jeanie in the ring:

  • That was fun, thanks for taking the time to share all these! As I scrolled down I didn't want it to stop!

    Usually I will pick one out as a fav, but with all these great pictures it's too hard!

  • Great pictures - you travel with so many animals it is amazing to me! We camp with our two B's and a cat, and it sometimes seems very crowded in our 32 foot C-class! I loved the pictures of Maya on the beach, and as former boat owners, we got quite a laugh out of the boat high and dry during the low tide. That must be a deep tide to raise the water high enough to float it off. All the dogs seemed to really enjoy the beach - still can't get over B's off leash - mine would probably be long gone if I allowed it in an unfenced area. Thanks for all the pictures - they are delightful.

  • Great pictures. Looks like fun had by all. Wow, I have to ask how many people go with you? That's a lot of animals!

  • Houston

    Wonderful series of pictures..Looks like y'all had a ball..Congrats on Saffie's accomplishment..

  • Lovely pictures as always. You all look as though you had a great time.

  • Wonderful pictures - what an incredibly fun group of doggies!

  • What fun! I would love to have my basenjis at that beach, looks like you had it all to yourself. but keeping up with all those dogs…and cleaning them up afterward, you are very brave and energetic!

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