This one cracks me up because it's like" What %$$@@^^ are we doing out here in the middle of nowhere?" -Tim

Oh my gosh! LOVE that expression! Looks a little worried, LOL.
That is priceless.

Actually, looks a lot like Jazz before she throws up.

Yep….That's what a worried "B" looks like. 😃 tim

Oh yeah – "what in @#^%&*( did you bring me out here for?"
I took EL D camping the first time a couple of weeks ago (sorry I'm not swift enough to have gotten pictures of some of his antics) and I'm sure he felt like that too. It's a great shot though!

Hahaha. Too cute!

I think it takes a pretty patient person to bring a basenji camping…lol

oh my gosh, that's hysterical!

We just got back from a 4 day camping trip with lots of rain (a basenji personal favorite). We had 1 campsite, 2 tents, 4 adults and 4 dogs….what fun!!! I am including a few pictures of Zuri and her antics. I apologize for the lines in the pictures, it was the only way I could resize them for this forum.



That is one unhappy face! LOL


Actually, looks a lot like Jazz before she throws up.

ahahhahaha thats exactly what i thought of.. lol 😃

Hi cleopatra, Great pic's noticed you have a elkie. Very handsome. I too have a elkie and 2 basenji's. My elk is getting very old almost 14 and has old dog issues . They from my experience are a great dog to get along with basenjis . After 10+ years of living with basenji's my elkie trys to act like them. When our elder basenji passed away a few years ago my elk really mourned his loss. Now the youngsters 3& 4 really test his patience. But he still likes to be in the group play. His tail just wags and wags- play with me too. When they stress him out too much he will snark at them. Our tri girl loves to push his buttons but she also looks after him. As much as they razzle him in true basenji fashion I think they will really miss him when our renal and liver issues claim him

Only a Basenji would sleep in a fire pit!


Only a Basenji would sleep in a fire pit!

The most common saying in our house is ' yup, she's a Basenji'

The Elkhound (Max) isn't ours, the two larger dogs belong to our friends. Max doesn't care for Zuri too much, she always wants to play and he likes to relax. He does play nice with her when he feels like it though and that is usually fine with her.


Mya loves to camp! This picture was taken on our first week camping with her. We just got back from a 16 day camping trip (drove 3500 miles) and I haven't got to post those pics yet. She moped the entire day that we arrived home. Poor baby! She's a genuine camping B!!

I have been reluctant to take Dallas camping but after seeing these photos I may have to take him next time 🙂

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