Show off your Basenji Wear!

A birthday present from my older sister… a butthole shirt... Sweet! I opened it up originally and was kind of like, "what is this?" and then I have decided it's one of the best gifts I've ever gotten!! 🙂

And let's be honest… the shirt does not lie:

OMG, that is too cute! I want one too. Did she have it made for you? Very nice B-day gift, your sister has good taste…at least a basenji person thinks so.

Anne in Tampa

Oh my goodness I want that shirt!!! The second one is the cutest thing EVER!!!! 🙂 BTW are you going to be at the Leesburg lure coursing event on the 31st? I thought I remembered you mentioning it…

Here's the website for Cafe Press - where the shirts came from! 🙂 So cute!! I made the mistake of going to look at them- and now I want them all!! AHHH!! hehehhe

Ninabean, do you have more info about the event on the 31st? I would love to attend but I don't have the details!! Send them!! 🙂

OMG - that website is fantastic - I want one of almost everything!

Those shirts are awesome!

love the butt shirt - very cute. here's my basenji wear (they are all pannels on the back of longsleeve shirts):

this one i'd like to re-do

this one is of jet

and this one is of digital and is on the back of my Invitational 06 shirt

Wow! Did you make those?

yep, they're appliqued not painted on. the first time i wore the jet shirt everyone thought it was painted.

Agile, those are really wonderful. The one of Jet is especially good.

Anne in Tampa


I had to order the one that you had that said my Basenji is cuter than your kid! Too cute!

I also bought a Puggle one that said "It wasn't me!!! The Puggle farted. Seriously." Our Puggle passes gas sometimes and DH and I blame each other. I know, gross but kind of funny. This will make a great around the house shirt! LOL!


Those are beautiful, how long does it take you to make one? You should consider selling them, I bet you would have a lot of buyers here.

Thanks. I think I'd have to charge $40+/dog or so for just the pannel to make it worth doing. I've done some fleece stuff and that goes quicker. The Jet shirt took longer - all those little tan pieces. Well, tri's are tri-ing. I think we all know that. I did raw edge applique on all the shirts and the stitching is time consuming. A simple solid colored silhouette would be easier and much quicker, but not nearly as nice or personalized. The eyes and noses are done out of ultrasuade and of course the markings are matched to my dogs. (The first r/w one is done of my very first basenji. So, I still need to do a Zest Tee shirt.)

The colors on the first pic, are not really true. The shirt is a pale yellow and the background is more purple. That one and Jet's are done with cotton and the one of Digital is done with suede-like upholstry fabric. I really like how that one did out, but wasn't sure how it would wear/wash. (As it turns out, it does great, but i did have to re-apply the stripes.)

Here's a scarf I did for a competition last year. (I got second place, which was really exciting because I don't really think of myself as a sewer.) And yes, I matched the markings, so that really is Jet in a Santa hat and Diggie opening his present. The bow on the present is yarn and dangles freely.

40 plus dollars for that level of detail and hand work is not unreasonable! Your work is beautiful.



I also bought a Puggle one that said "It wasn't me!!! The Puggle farted. Seriously."

That is the funniest thing EVER!!! 😃 😃 😃


40 plus dollars for that level of detail and hand work is not unreasonable! Your work is beautiful.

I agree it is beautiful, I love the scarf!

Thanks guys. If you're interested in a pannel or a scarf, pm me.

Great basenji wear! If you would like to sell any merchandize on Basenji Forums please post a forsale ad in our Classifieds section. That way others can easily find it and we can keep our threads organized.

Thank you

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