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Do you know the Brat Foster Cordinator in the Cinci., or close to Cincinnati area?

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I wish I lived closer… If you could get one to Cinci! I would luv to help! Best of luck..It will all work out!

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O good. I thought so too. But I wanted to make sure. How long does this shedding season last usually? It was given by the vet. One says Heartworm and external and one just says Fleas, ticks and lice, no heart worm(front line). Was I only supposed to give her the Revolution pill? The front line is a liquid. Maybe I gave her too much.

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I know its been awhile, but Sally had massive Shedding before, which resolved wehn we changed her food. Now she is looing hair, when I say loosing, I mean you can see patches falling out again. I checked her for Mytes and Ticks…Nothing on her. The only thing we did different is ,we did FrontLine and Revolution, before we went camping. It was her first time since we got her in Oct. last year.

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She is so cute. Not ugly AT ALL! Thanks for sharing!

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They steal your heart the first few days, then the rest of your belongings in the following weeks! Welcome to the world of basenji addicts.

Anne~ too funny! I have a mixed B so I guess its the beagle in her,because she doesn't do that. BUT she will steal anything food related. It makes me so mad when I find her on the table eating my egg salad. Especially when its the last 2 eggs left in the house!

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Ditto all of the above. Please post a picture soon, we luv the way Bitty sounds already!

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Great pics, and thanks for sharing!

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Most Basenjis usually only have a season once a year…. some have twice a year, but typically only once and usually in the Fall. But there are those Basenjis that don't read the book... but sounds like she is in season to me. And you can't have her spayed while she is in season, so you need to be careful with her around any other dogs that might be in tact.... Honestly too, I can't find the scars on my kids after I have had them spayed.

And one other FYI, you might want to consider having her spayed with your own Vet, this is not a slam against the SPCA or any other SPCA, however sometimes they do not use the best of Vets for spay/neuter surgeries. And while it is a routine surgery, if not done right you can have problems for the rest of her life with her leaking urine....

Your right the SPCA wasn't even concerned that they allowed a female to be there and didn't physically check her. They said may she was too hairy down there. NO HAIR! , I kept asking where is her inguinal scaring…my vet didn't even look. I'm going to a new vet! It also explained her being aggressive approx 1-2 weeks prior to us noticing her season had arrived. And Yes she is VERY clean. We just kept her in the kitchen with fresh towels every day, and she had little "show". She had enough mind you,but not a huge amount. She was so clean that she threw up a few days from cleaner herself. YUCK! I felt so bad for her. She slept a lot. But she is getting fixed soon. Yes I am having blood work done before the procedure. The SPCA didn't feel the need to do that, so I said No thank you.

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No you saw it, I'm just a dork, I posted at the same time as you. hehehehehe….your a better one than I when it comes to computers!

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