AJ got one too!

I'm not patient enough to knit one, nor do I have room in this truck for a sewing machine, so I cheated and bought one. :o

Very nice coat!!! I really like that one.

I really like the reflecitve strips on that one.

Katie has a coat that is kind of like that, and she loves it, but it doesn't have the cool reflective strips.

I'll have to try to get a pic of Katie in her coat.


Now that's a great looking coat! Looks nice and warm.

Gizmo plops down on the floor if I put a coat on him, refuses to go outside!

very cute!


very nice, and safe too. I like it.

It matches his fur nicely

I love it, looks like a Carhart coat!

Great coat, love the reflective stripes. Where did you find it?

Pet Warehouse in Springfield, MO. Brand name on the tag inside the coat is Zack & Zoey. I tossed the display tag already. It was $19.99.

It's lined all the way back with that fake sheepskin stuff. Nice and toasty. I like the fasteners, too. I can't see getting AJ to let me put something over his head or thread his legs through anything. This one fastens with Velcro on the front of the neck and under the chest.

You can buy Zack and Zoey on Amazon.com too. Price depends on the size.

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