• Wanted to get some expert opinion on my mutt Parker ...our husky/shepherd nosed her out of a bush in our local park 3 years ago. She was very sick, diagnosed with Parvo. We got her the help she needed and she ended up surviving and thriving...we just celebrated our 3 year adoptaversary on August 2nd! Since she was a foundling, we have no idea what she could possibly be, but general consensus is basenji mix. We had never heard of it, but it kept popping up. A little research indicates that basenji's are smaller, barkless dogs. Parker is about 46 pounds and she barks a lot. So why does basenji keep coming up? Her cute little curly tail! When I describe her I use the three "C"'s - confident, curious, clever. She loves to chase small animals, squirrels and rabbits being particular favorites. She also does this weird four-legged jump.. when hunting she will literally pounce on the animal with all four legs and jump around like that until she pins it (field mice, usually). Anyway, I don't know how much of that is basenji, if any, and how much is just Parker so I'm throwing it out to the experts..Pics attached for reference...
    0_1533773992948_Parker April 2017.jpg
    0_1533774063880_Parker Feb 2018.jpg
    0_1533774132014_Parker July 2018.jpg
    0_1533774697090_Parker Yosemite.jpg

  • Looks more Shiba/shepherd to me. But guesses based on looks are just that. I embarked one of my dogs and the results were interesting, I'd recommend them.

  • First, she is adorable. Beautiful, even! The curly tail, to me, looks straight off of a shiba inu -- similar in size, also a primitive an ancient breed with curly tails, but are much bushier compared to the tightly rolled tail and short hair coat of basenjis. The traits you mentioned seem more like a shiba to me, too, with the pouncing esp., but there are many more experienced breeders/owners on here that may have a different take. Regardless, it's pretty obvious Parker is a really amazing, special dog. Thanks for sharing her!

  • My Basenji mix bounds like yours, likes to chase squirrels, and shares "the three C's" too. I'd say she is part Basenji, absolutely.

  • I don't see basenji. However, try the Embark panel or Wisdom if you want some idea of the main dog breeds.

  • In my opinion, not a Basenji although she looks really beautiful. I have never seen the jumping up and down with her prey that you describe. My Basenjis grab their prey by the neck, a single shake and the prey is dead. Obviously, if you really need to have a better idea the genetic testing would be the road to follow but personally I'd avoid the expense and just love and enjoy her. She's a credit to you looks so happy and healthy.

  • I am pretty sure you can't just look at a mix and declare what it is. Scientific studies have debunked that over and over. Best to do a DNA test, in my opinion. I have a mix who was advertised as a Basenji Mix, and her DNA results confirmed it. If you just looked at her and made a judgement, it would be mixed: her color was all askew, her tail was half-curled, she was smaller and featured more slender face and feet than a pure-bred B.
    But, apparently, the 1/4 Min Pin (the ONLY other DNA in her sample) contributed some significant traits. Behavior and personality wise, Basenji rules the day. Again, I recommend a DNA test, and they improve by the day.
    What is this other B identity thing that is mentioned in this thread? Is it also a DNA test, or something else?
    Oh, and hey, your baby is way cute!

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