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my baby really wags her little super curly tail. It looks like a little cinn bun going back and forth.

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KiroGurl, if you are talking about the Nature's Domain foods..they are only available at Costco in huge 35lbs bags, here in Houston they are about $26 -$30 depending on what flavor..Salmon is a little more expensive..still cheap though in my opinion. But if you buy one of their bags (or anything else for that matter) and you or your dog end up not liking it..Costco will take it back no questions asked for a full refund.

My pups like both flavors and I oftern mix them together

Here is a link to ND's website

I was talking about both… I frequent costco .... so ill buy a bag and give it a try. she is sick of her food. THANKS

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Ella scratched off almost all the whiskers on one side of her face a couple of different times in the first several months that we had her. Eventually, we chalked it up to anxiety. Her transition to our home was quite difficult for her and she had lots of stress-realted behaviors. But the scracthing of the whiskers was definitely one of them.

Is there any new or on-going stress in her life?

Im glad my doggie iant the only one.

I am pregnant. we are moving things (room switches) making room for our first baby. Her nose looks fine other than the fact that she has no whiskers on one side. It does not look irritated at all.

My moms dog had mange, but was not contagious. I'm not sure what kind it was, he had eaten away at his paws till they bleed. My cousins dog didnt have mange, she said it just sratched and they put a cone on and it resolved itself??????

ill still take her in 🙂 thank you everyone!

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okay– now im a little freaked once you mention cancer!!! My moms dog did have a mange and so did my cousins dog so im hoping thats all it is..... I called and made an appointment.

thanks ladies

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yes, she has been scratching that side only for like 2 weeks! very strange right? her whiskers are long and normal on one side and almost gone on the other!!!!

I figured i would ask and research on my own first . My B seems to have strange things. one time had a weird bruises in her ear that got me so worried. took her to the vet and paid $90 and then it just cleared up. so now im trying to make sure im not over worrying

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Ive never heard of this food but it sounds quite popular. I would like to buy a 5lb bag to try. which one should i get?

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for a week or two now my B has scratched off her whiskers on one side of her face. They are there but very short and brittle. I can't see any irritation or marks that make me think its and infection. I tried putting different moisturizers on but they don't seem to help.

I want to take her to the vet, but i feel like they aren't going to have an answer for me and it will cost a bundle. Any ideas? has this happened to you before?

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i dont know why i ever trust those vets…. its so hard to find a good one!

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i took my baby in to a new vet today to get a lymes booster and a dhhp (i think) and he put the shots in both side of her hips (like a little fatty part of her upper back? usually they vet puts a shot in the top of her neck….😕

its gotten swollen and she YELPS and cries if i try to pick her up.... the vet said wait until tomorrow and she if shes still crying....

has anyone had this before? is this normal? should i give her Tylenol or something?

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