Happy holidays to all

Wishing everyone a very warm holiday season.

Love your picture! I have many similar, but with only one Basenji with his very own, personal fireplace. Have a great Christmas!

LOL… love the dog pile

They are all inseparable. Not so fun when you have over 100 lbs of dog in your lap.

Happy Holidays! I didn't know you had 4 Bs, thought you had three.

Happy Holidays 🙂

What a great, cuddly bunch you got there!

Wonderful picture - having a fireplace of their own is like Heaven for basenjis. Lucky little troupe.

Happy holidays!
From the Santa Basenji

ROFL that is one scary Santa. Merry Christmas all!

Barklessdog, priceless!!

Now I know what they are keeping watch for, Tri Santa.

Is Tri Santa missing an elf? He's here, under the tree, pulling at ribbons. 🙂

Happy holidays to everyone, human and furry!

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukkah, Happy Solstice, happy holidays, seasons greetings–- whatever you may or may not celebrate, I hope everyone has a wonderful end of 2011 and have a marvelous 2012 ahead.

First Basenji's

Love the Santa pic!!! Our B. would not stand for being dressed up!!!!!

Lovely picture - but looks a very fierce Santa.

My wishes too you all and your Basenjis to have a very enjoyable holiday and all your special wishes for 2012.

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