• Elliot and Piper wish you all a very merry christmas!

  • That's lovely. And look, the tree isn't even inside an xpen.
    Merry Christmas to you and your pups.

  • He doesn't bother the tree at all and neither did my previous B. πŸ™‚ He did ruin another set of curtains today though..

    New picture! Elliot's new baby "cousin" Stevie the beagle/chihuahua mix is visiting from North Carolina. He is so gentle with her even when she growls and latches on to his neck over a toy @_@. Those puppy teeth are murder! (my sister is getting money towards training classed for x-mas!!!!) He is not at all possessive over anything and my sister even commented how easy going he is. He's totally in love with this puppy and this further proves that he needs a playmate closer to his age.

  • Love your pictures. Everyone looks like they are being "good" for Santa. Merry Christmas.

  • Yes what well behaved doggies for the Christmas photos, glad when those puppy teeth fall out, Kaiser had a puppy friend down our street and it even lost a tooth on him during play and Kaiser would squeal now and then but never growled at it. Merry Christmas to you and your dogs.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

  • OMG, they are so mannerly– all three of them! I am in serious envy. And Elliot is getting more handsome every day. He is so svelte!

    Hope they all had a big Christmas! How are the shows going?

  • Well only Piper (the 7 year old Golden) sat still.. Elliot and Stevie had to be re-positioned a lot!

    Shows are going well. I'm still re-learning and Tad has been helping a lot. We have 5 singles so far with plans to start up again in February. Elliot is picky and really doesn't think he needs to eat much so he's a bit thinner than I'd like but I guess it's better than being a fatty!

  • Ha, good pictures. We are lucky, ours never bother the tree either. One has been kind of laying under the cover of the branches even.

  • Lovely dogs, all three of them - I'm beginning to think B's don't really care about Christmas trees one way or the other - Shaye usually liked the velvet tree skirt best, and slept on it.

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