• A few pics I took with my new camera 😃 of Sonny & his best friend Siery playing in the snow…..

    and after play a little love 😉

  • Your pictures are not available for viewing - will wait until you figure it out.

  • that was strange..but fixed the problem! 🙂

  • Houston

    Great looking pictures..they both look so happy..except Sonny when he is sitting in the snow..he is looking like.."please…can we go now?"

  • Those are super pictures. In a way I would love to have some snow here to see what Kipawa's reaction to it would be. However, I know what MY reactions would be (unprintable words) so I will pass on snow. 🙂

  • Lovely pictures - what breed is Siery?

    Please don't wish for snow Fran! You never know!!!

  • @Patty:

    Lovely pictures - what breed is Siery?

    Please don't wish for snow Fran! You never know!!!

    When my friends rescued her from the south they were told she was part beagle…needless to say 2 years and 80 pounds later she's a lot more then beagle :p we call her part horse 😉 she's the most loving, sweet dog I've ever met and she puts up with Sonny! 🙂

  • I am surprised your b doesn't need a sweater…
    My 2 go out without a sweater, and are shivering within 5 minutes...
    Course, they are old!

  • Great pictures - looks like your B is really enjoying playing in the snow! Guess it all depends on where they are raised whether or not they will deal with it. It was 43 degrees here for our early morning walk, and there was frost on the ground and the roof of the houses. My B not only did not want to walk in the frosty grass, she pee'd right on the sidewalk to avoid doing that! How embarrassing! I don't think she'd like the snow…........ The B mix, Gemma, didn't mind it at all, but she's furry-er!

  • Actually Sonny always wears a coat…but this day it was actually 45 degrees out which to us felt like spring despite all the snow on the ground :p

  • Some Beagle!! She looks lovely.

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