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Fly'N Hi's Hana, female born Dec. 14, 2010

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Fly'N Hi's Tiki, male born November 25, 2013

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Our Tiki has had seizures since 3 years of age sadly. Since he started our vet has not pushed a single vaccine on him. He is now 5 and still has one about every 7-15 days. He gets his bloodwork done, all is fine and he's healthy. Our vet just keeps slowly increasing his meds to see if it makes a difference. I tried CBD oil even... but didn't help so I stopped...

I agree, those with certain challenges are more likely to post in the hopes of looking for advice or insight!

Besides this issue, he's a happy, sweet, loving boy! Couldn't imagine life without him. 🙂

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@tanza So far she knows all about his epilepsy journey, not the bumps yet as it's only been a week. But, yes I absolutely am going to ask her about it for advice and to let her know what's going on. Thank you for the reminder! Been so busy juggling pills and cream - and everything else in daily life. 😉 I appreciate it!

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@DebraDownSouth indeed. He's a trooper though, so full of love and is a happy boy but our heart aches for him. I have a feeling that even if the bumps go away with the cream and pills....... they will come back. He had a couple bumps before that acted like these - but went away on their own. Is way worst this time. No mites, parasites or fleas..... he's all A-ok there. No valley fever..... he's had ever test ran already because of his epilepsy. Other than that he's super healthy! 😉

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Thank you Debra, yes it's a mystery. I may have to take him to a skin doctor vet for the bumps if this doesn't clear up. Just so odd - as it's healing it feels like his skin is rough and bumpy like sand paper ?! As for the pills, they just keep checking his blood levels from the phenobarbital 2x a day and now increasing his Keppra to 3x a day. 😉 He's a sweet heart, he doesn't deserve this......

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Hi guys!

Well, our beloved Tiki (who I've posted here about his epilepsy saga... which is still an issue and attempting to get controlled....) had developed bumps on his forehead a week ago. He went to the vet today and they said it was not mites, nor allergies.... just an unknown secondary infection possibly caused by one larger solid bump adjacent. The large bump was biopsied and had 'spindle shaped cells' that he said was a concern but not cancer - but to watch to see if this growth grows rapidly here soon. Must be rapid - it was NOT there last week! ;0

We were sent home with cream and anti-biotic pills.

Before going to the vet it seemed like text-book mange!! or maybe folliculitis? But neither were mentioned today.

These bumps start off in a cluster - making their head all lumpy and gross. At first he looked wet, sticky. Then it turned into balding areas with raw flesh underneath. Very nasty. He's kind of clumsy so before in the past when he got these we thought 'oh, maybe he ran into the oven door or something'.... but now I'm just really concerned about what on earth these things are!!

The large lump is a concern - watching... they'll want to surgically remove it if it grows. Seems strange that it didn't exist before these lumps arrived last weekend.

Does anyone have experience to share? 😃

I'll update on the epilepsy later too..... still playing with PX dosing... he hasn't gone more than 2 weeks without a seizure since the spring! Usually 1 a week.

MANY thanks!!

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@DebraDownSouth This is very intriguing !! I started finding articles about melatonin helping those with "night time" seizures....... Your mention of light sleep not deep REM sleep makes sense. If melatonin helps relieve some night time seizures..... maybe it's because the subject is sleeping more soundly?

Most articles I found said that pure melatonin (check dosing charts of course by weight) 30 mins- 1 hour before 'bed time' can help a lot with dogs with seizures - and for those who panic with storms etc. Center/Nutrition/Nutrition/home_cure_for_canine_seizures.html

One article I found said to not give melatonin for dogs who have seizures. (at bottom)

Does anyone on this forum have experience with giving their B's melatonin? 🙂

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@Nancy-Berry Thank you so much for sharing about sweet Skippy - and the links! 🙂 Every bit of knowledge helps for sure. Have a great weekend! 🙂

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That is very interesting about the flickering! There are so many triggers I'm sure! 😞

Tiki had another seizure....... at least just he seems to be at one a week. Still horrible for him - and to witness. Gut and heart wrenching.

A few notes I forgot to mention as 'tips' that I read about if this helps anyone:

  1. IF the pre-phase is noticeable a tiny bit of honey MAY snap them out of a seizure continuing (Tiki's come on FAST..... too fast to react.)
  2. during a seizure to put an ice pack only on their lower back/spine area - take off when the seizure is over. (some have felt the 'after recovery' is quicker with ice.)
  3. After a seizure 1-2 Tbsp. non-preservative natural vanilla ice cream OR a 50/50 combo of honey and butter!
  4. A few kibbles at a time as a post-seizure snack. (Someone said a seizure is like running a marathon..... they are often famished after.) But not so many so they don't choke.
  5. One thing my vet said is that pets have 'styles' typically of seizures..... ie. the aftermath recovery - some are confused, run around the house, spin in circles, are disoriented..... while others get aggressive! That the tend to react the same way for each seizure, like a pattern.
  6. The one curious observation we had - was that Tiki's always seem to happen late at night and during a heavy rest or sleeping period. He's usually on the sofa - in the zone - relaxing for hours, before one comes on. Or he'll be sleeping on our bed - and at 3am starts a seizure. I wonder if there's a REM component or something going on with 'rest'. Curious if anyone else has noticed that. Storms trigger some dogs....... thunder and lightning don't phase ours....

Thanks for being there - you guys are fantastic and appreciated.


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@DebraDownSouth Thank you for your reply! I'm beyond thrilled that this was an interesting and hopefully helpful bit of information!!!! 😃

Some links to what I was reading include:

Other advice from the Canine Epilepsy Forum mentioned that while the Taurine didn't 'stop' seizures....... it seemed in their observation increase the threshold of sensitivity to a typical seizure trigger / reduce tremors in their circumstance etc. ....... if that makes sense. When they stopped the Taurine - the seizures and/or tremors came right back at same intensity.

In the least..... if I can buffer any phenobarbital 'effects' with a supplement to help in any way - it's worth it.

Also to note - one article it said that Taurine requires B6 to be assimilated (or whatever the word was they used....... 😉 can't remember.) I did find a Taurine with B6 at Sprouts and it was only $10 for 100 500 mg capsules.

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Time for an update! Well, Tiki went 3.5 months seizure free. With our vet's blessing we had slowly reduced his phenobarbital by 1/2 pill AM then PM during that time. Mostly just to see if those prior seizures were an anomaly. Last month, his seizures came back. 😞 Not cluster, but at least 1-2 a week. We immediately put him back up to full dose of phenobarbital and took about a month to settle back in.

I did a ton of research for natural remedies and for now am doing the following: only using food and treats that don't have any rosemary product in it (even if last ingredient!) and also am adding 500mg 2x a day of a Taurine with B6 powder. (I take the gel cap a part and sprinkle in 1 tsp of plain yogurt.) He loves it. 😉

So far been 1 week without a seizure. Trying to not get my hopes up....... but can't hurt. The research on Taurine is interesting! Apparently their bodies 'dump out' Taurine during a seizure, and that it's something that can help protect their liver - and their heart. Most dog foods don't add Taurine and it's something they should have. (Found in organ meat - uncooked ....... organ meat. Heat kills it's properties.)

I wrote to this company - sounds interesting - though not ready to dive into that yet....... our vet says 'it's extremely promising and I hope there are more studies on it but I can't officially condone it as the industry/products aren't monitored well yet."

[](link url)

! I have friends whose family members have severe epilepsy and CBD has been a blessing to them....

Thanks for being there on this journey!

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