• My two best friends, Oscar and Rusty, on their favorite bird-watching perch and greeting me in the morning.

  • they look so happy!

  • What more could a person ask for - those two lovely faces saying 'good morning' to you! They look very serious about their bird identifying skills. I'm sure no birds will try to get into your home. 😃

  • First Basenji's

    What a great pair! Especially that 2nd picture – somebody needs to make a set of bookends based on that photo.

  • Bookends…...exactly what I was thinking! Nice pictures, thanks for sharing.

  • They are beautiful! How old are they?
    How has your experience been with two boys?

  • The red and white (Rusty) is 13 years old and Oscar is 9. They are either getting along great or snarling and snapping at each other. There doesn't seem to be much middle ground with them.

    Mostly they are getting along great. In fact, if I take just Oscar out of the house (like to the vet), Rusty will howl the entire time that he is gone! I don't know if he misses him, or if he is jealous that he doesn't get to go along too.

  • That sounds about right; Rusty howling is probably a mix of both missing Oscar and jealousy! Have you had them both since they were puppies? Hope to see more pics in your albums!

  • Lovely pictures, especialy the second one

  • I love the pictures. Good to see them friends most of the tiime.

  • Very nice looking boys!

  • Great picture of them turning to look back in opposite directions - glad to hear they get along most of the time - I think that's normal - my girls are best buddies most of the time, then occasionally the dominant one will snark up and the bigger one knocks her around a while, and it's all good again.

  • that second one for sure is great how they are looking 🙂

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