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amazing pictures. I love the actions shots. Beauty dogs too. ALL of them!

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oh wow. I looked up Shiba/ Sheppard crosses and he really looks like one.

has anyone ever tried the DNA testing before?

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Welcome! My dog is from Kentucky! and his name is Kentucky! congrats on your basenji's!

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When we go to the dog park I hear that he is every kinda of dog. It's interesting to hear people's opinion! I guess I will never know. Lucky I rescued him thinking he was half basenji because I wanted a basenji so badly! He is my other half!

thank you all! I love this board and one day will own my own basenji as well!!!

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by the way. Kentucky is now 1 year old and 45 pounds!

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so in love! Why when I see any pictures of basenji's i fall in love with each and everyone of them!?

so sweet

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I think I might be part husky part basneji. But I would love to hear what you Basenji pro's think! I havent been on here for a long time because I don't know if we belong or not 😞



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Patty I just thought I broke my ankle from Kentucky but I actually just sprained it becaue of the same thing.

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I would love to become a dog trainer. I have no idea where to start though. i have been trying to find a school or something but there is nothing. hmmm

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Ahh too have a puppy! I love them all and would die for any of them! Too bad Nevada is sooo far! I would take one in a second! My mix would love to have a friend around. I love both Tri's

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