Best Buds

This is my sisters Aussie, Angus and my Basenji Mix, Kentucky. We try to spend about 2 nights a week together and weekends. They just adore their time together. Even when we go to the dog parks and there are 50 other dogs they never leave eachothers side.

When Kentucky goes after a bird or squirrel Angus will herd him back to us. And when Angus goes to herd another dog Kentucky pushes him to pay attention to him.


Very cute photos.

Peas in a pod 🙂

Very cute!

How cute! It's always fun watching dog pals interact.

They look great together.

Nice to have a best friend! They are cute together.

I should take a picture of the 50+ dogs at the dog park at a time for all of you to see. I am sure you go to dog parks yourself but if you don't it is an amazing experience. I am still waiting to see a basenji though. Last night I ran into a Wolfhound. HUGE! HUGE dog!

Does anyone have any ideas of what kind of dog Kentucky is?

great pictures

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