Our new best friend.

This is Baxter, I pick him up at the airport today.

Very cute! Who is his breeder?

Basenji Mix

Baxter is really adorable! How old is he? Congrats and enjoy your new cuddle pup.

Looks like he's got personality plus! Congrats!

Cute, who did you get him from?

I got him from a gal named Judy out of Weatherford TX. She was very helpful with the little guy.

I love the white patch on the back of his neck! He is adorable!! Congrats!

Congratulations on your new addition!

Awwww… what a beautiful little tri!!!

What a cutie!!! Best of luck with him….:)

He is simply adorable. Want to just snuggle with him. Congrats, good luck, and welcome to the forum.

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