"The Best Use For A Basenji…"

I sent my mum a couple of these pictures, and apparently Lilah has the right idea and this is "the best use for a basenji" - a pillow 😃

My mum isnt the biggest Maya fan :rolleyes:


So cute..
Why does your mom not "like" Maya..she is so adorable.

My mum has never liked Maya, i dont know why. She doesnt like the breed, its not specifically Maya! But she says Maya makes annoying noises (her adorable yodelling and purring - i love it!) and she said right from day one that she reminds her of a spider cos she's all legs lol!

But, i dont think Maya did herself any favours as the ONE night she had to spend at my mums house when i went away she was very naughty, whined all night and wouldnt settle, kept racing up and down the stairs lol.

BTW, please excuse all the hairs i've just noticed on the sofa 😃 Delilah is moulting and when a pug moults it comes off in handfuls - yuk!!

That may be the best use. Medjai lays on my pillow so I will use him as a pillow every once in a while. He just puts his head on my shoulder while I rest on his hip.

very cute - i use mine for bedwarmers.

I want a basenji pillow! Really nice photos, and I too can't see why anyone would not like Maya.

ooooooooh! a basenji "snuggie"! cool! 😃

Aww, cute picture! 🙂

I cannot believe your mum doesn't like Maya! :eek:

How sweet - what lovely pictures. I find that my basenjis are never happier than when they are piled one on top of the other.

I hadn't realised that your mum didn't like Basenjis -she's never given a clue to that when I've met her at shows!

She likes watching Maya in the ring as she says Maya is so elegant trotting around compared to our labs and pugs! 😃 But she certainly wouldnt have a basenji herself, and i was never allowed one when i lived with her as she didnt like the breed. But i agree with Nicola, i cant believe she doesnt like my little Maya - who couldnt love her? 😃

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