Here is a video clip we took a few days after we brought Rio home. Rex was not adjusting to her very well at first. He growled and snapped every time she approached him. This video was the first day he came around. Now they chase each other around the house all of the time. If you have speakers, turn them on to hear the added music.


That is soooooo cute! Very nice video…

Awwww that's precious!!! I especially like the way Rio wants to know what you are doing there at the end of the video. So curious!!!! Thanks for sharing!

Awwww… LOVE the ending!! Sooooooooo cute!! I want a TRI!!

What a brave Tri, to "take on" that big red dog!
Loved this.
Where did your sweet Rio come from?

OMG! So adorable! I want a 2nd basenji!

rio is so beautiful. what nice face markings. that video is one of those moments when you realize that one basenji is nice, but two is 100% better,

that was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! i thought they were going to kiss at the end with puppy love!!

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