• Tenji will usually do this several times in a row during his "psycho hour" at around 8pm…or whenever he gets bored in the house. Usually he literally FLYS off the chairs and trys to run as fast as he can around the house...although he never gets any traction on the wood floors :rolleyes:

    And yesterday at the end of his last puppy class Tenji finally got to meet the only other two Basenjis in the city (that i could find).
    Tenji is the smaller brindle of course (now 19 weeks old), Jaxs is the red and white male (year and a half old i believe), and Lillie is the tricolor female (around 2 years old i think, she is a rescue dog).

  • cute videos. My 2 b's used to do the basenji 500 around the house, but as they have gotten older, there is less of it.
    Wheat will sure stir things up I am sure!

  • Really cute videos - thanks for sharing those. Tenji looks like he has a blast running around like that. And yes Sharron. You have all these crazy antics to look forward to again! 🙂

  • how delightful! what a great afternoon break from work…watching the basenjis!!!

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