Tenji being goofy

Tenji playing around on his first day home.


Was having a little trouble getting the video on here so i'm not sure if it's working or not now.

very cute - thanks for the chuckle

lol; adorable! He sure knows how to make noise!

:D:D:D Does Tenji not know Basenji's don't bark 😉
I love the way he peeps around the corner at the end.


:D:D:D Does Tenji not know Basenji's don't bark 😉

Lana sure doesn't! 😉 Although even she can't bark like Tenji… she usually makes one or two really short barks followed by growling - when she tries to establish dominance over Mishka who is at least 5 times her size!

So far thats the only time he's barked..or made any noise really..he's been pretty quiet. Earlier today he was racing around the house and trying to get everyone to chase him..was making the usual growls and yodels but no more barking!

Ahhh he must of realised then 😉
How old is Tenji?

He will be 12 weeks this weds.

Well he's gorgeous, just noticed he's wagging his tail in the video, so cute

Yep he sure is an interesting little fellow that's for sure!

A few pics from earlier today..was a little cold this morning so a sweater was needed.

😃 In the last one he looks like he's looking for trouble.
Love his sweater.
We get our Pup next Sat, she will be 8 weeks old and is a Red and White.

Exciting isn't it?! I was suppose to get Tenji awhile ago but had to wait a week because i was out of town and then another week because the weather in eastern Canada wasn't very good. Actually i also have a few pictures of him when he was still at the breeders.

Tenji with his littermates

The two black and whites are from a different litter that was born a few weeks earlier.

I played this, and my 2 b's who were sleeping on the couch, ran round the house, looking for the "noise" maker.
Too much fun…thanks for sharing. What a cutie

I just love the piles of sleeping Puppies.


He is adorable. I love the noises, inluding the "barks".. The pictures are too cute for words.

Handsome little fellow. I like the white markings on his nose. I haven't seen that before.

Great pictures!!! I could look at them as puppies all day.

What a cutie pie.

Cali, the girl in the pink collar says hello to Tenji, green collar?

I love the video and picks of Tenji. Barking????



LOVE Tenji's custom made sweater. He looks so dapper in it, and I am sure he knows it. 🙂 Can I ask you how he is doing with the hardwood floors? Is he a sliding basenji?

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