Do you sing to your basenji?

  • I always sing to my kids.

    In the morning I sing to Ruby whatever song comes on on the clock radio when the alarm goes off. The funniest was one morning the song that came on was Kanye West's song Stronger. I started singing/rapping (not well) and Ruby stretched out her leg and put her paw up and covered my mouth. Completely cracked me up and was the only time she ever has done that. Evidently she wasn't a fan. 😃

    Aaliyah's theme song is the Black Eyed Peas song Boom Boom Pow - she is too funny.

    Ozzy's is Crazy Train - Ozzy quite likes my singing and is quite intrigued by that song as he will stop whatever he is doing and get up close to my face when I sing it to him, lol. Once in a while he throws in a kiss when I'm singing it.

    Lately I've been singing Earth Wind & Fire songs to Brando, but he seems to ignore it.

  • When Nakura won Best in Show, we changed the words to Barry Manilow's Copacobana. We planned on putting an ad in the newsletter when we had finished it but I was missing one line. It went….

    Her name's Nakura
    She is a show girl
    We trim her nails and brush her hair
    We like to give her extra flair

    As she goes in the ring
    And stands in line posing
    Then she moves gracefully round the floor
    Who could ask for more

    At the BOBA
    the BOBA Champ show
    ......... missing line..........

    At the BOBA
    the BOBA champ show

    Thanks Sally Wallis
    For giving us all this
    At the BOBA
    She was the best.

  • @nkjvcjs:

    I am running around singing "Peggy Sue" and "Hey Jude" (we have a foster cat here named Judah) and "We Are the Waiting" a lot.

    Katie gets very happy and excited when I sing and dance. She loves to dance.


    Nicole…I hate to tell you this...but when I hear the name Peggy...I think of that commercial where the guy is answering the phone and in a thick accent he says "my name is Peggy". Tim and I were saying that on the way home after meeting Peggy 🙂

  • OMG…these are hilarious!

    I can't decide which are my favorite! But I really like 'barking loudly, barking proudly' 😉

  • okay, this is something I would normally feel silly admitting, but you guys are just as silly as me.

    My sedond basenji boy who we lost a few years ago, had his own theme song…
    (to the oscar mayer theme)

    My basenji has a first name it's Rico don't you know
    My basenji has a second name it's Suave cuz he's so

    Oh I love to feed him everyday
    and if you ask me why I'd say....

    Cuz Rico Suave is my guy
    a B - A - S - E - N - J - I

  • It somehow seems perfectly natural to sing to your dog.

    This one is a take off on "Free Falling" by Tom Petty-called Heel Walking

    She's a good girl, loves her Shelli
    loves her treats, and Mr. Bart too
    She's a good girl, crazy about kibble
    loves play time and snuggling too

    It's a long day living in Snowmass
    There's a fast dog running through the yard
    And I am bad boy cause I can't even catch her
    I'm a bad boy for spoiling her fun

    I'm heel, heel-walking

  • @DebraDownSouth:

    LOL I sing to mine.

    On the Chow board we even rewrote all the Christmas Carols to Chows. 🙂

    I thought about starting a thread here in Dec but thought you all would think I was daft.

    Some of the chow ones:

    We three chows are barking tonight
    Loudly in the pale moonlight
    Barking loudly, barking proudly
    …Barking til morning light

    Chows of wonder, Chows of might
    Barking late into the night
    Barking loudly, barking proudly
    Under the moonlit sky


    Do you hear what I hear?
    Do you hear what I hear?
    Barking in the night, it's a Chow

    Said the big Chow to the lit-tle Chow
    Will you bark when I bark?
    (Yes, I'll bark when you bark)
    Bark with me now, lit-tle Chow
    Will you bark when I bark?
    (Yes I'll bark when you bark)
    We will make the neighbors turn on all their lights


    "Winter Wonderland"

    Hear the Chow
    He is barking
    At the cars as they're parking
    As he barks in the sun
    He is just having fun
    Barking in his winter wonderland

    Oh boy, those are great, Debra. My Chow owning sis is going to love them!

  • Yes, I do sing to my pups, but only when I'm trying to punish them. :eek:

    y'all must have better singing voices than i was blessed with.

  • I love all the modified songs! 🙂

    LOL that's the nice thing, our dogs, unlike our family and friends, don't care if we can't carry a tune in a bucket. 🙂

  • I love the 'new' lyrics! That's the wonderful thing - Basenjis love your singing even if you're tone deaf (like me)!

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