Sherwood is pleased to announce…..

my newest AKC conformation champion, Sherwood's Something Special!!!! Bindi finished with 3 majors, breeder-owner handled by myself exclusively in the Bred-By-Exhibitor class. I'm real proud of this girl. And it feels great to be back in the show ring once again! Thank you to everyone for their support and well wishes. It really means a lot!

(And I am still floating on air despite the flat tire I had on the way home from the show today!)

Congrats all around Robyn!!

I'm soooo glad I could be there! Congratulations again!


Sending you huge Texas sized congrats for Bindi's achievement..very cool indeed.
Sorry about your flat tire though..

Awesome!! She is a pretty little girl 🙂 Congrats!

Nice win happy for you. Hope you got home all right after flat tire.

Rita Jean

Way to go… congrats Robyn and Bindi

Robyn, Congratulations to you and Bindi. That is terrific!


Yeah Robyn! Congrats to you and Bindi!

Fantastic! Congrats to you and Bindi!! 😃




Congratulations Robyn and Bindi!!

Congrats Robyn

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