New Grand Champion!

It finally happened! My boy got the last placement he needed to finish his grand championship last weekend in Tallmadge, OH. Sorry It's huge!
GCh. Meisterhaus Jadaka Don't Stop Me Now


Brilliant ! Although he will appear in the next spreadsheet of US titled dogs, I will add this tomorrow anyway !

Wow! That's fantastic.Congratulations!! Lucky you, and well done to yr boy. What a handsome boy he is. 🏆🥇👏🏻

Congratulations!A great honor! So happy got you! You both look so happy!😄

It is a lot of hard work, from both you and him! Congratulations on the rewards that have accrued to you and your wonderful friend.

Congratulations. Well deserved on both your parts!


Congratulations! As a former owner of a brindle b, I am thrilled for you!!

YEAH!!!! WTG! 🙂 You both look championship worthyl

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