Ayo is now champion!!

Wow, fabulous start for you and Ayo! Congratulations!

Can't wait to see the pictures.


Thanks a lot everyone!! I am
On my way out this morning for the final day, trying to keep calm. thanks for the support!


Congratulations, how exciting..Good luck today, go get'em!

Congrats! That is so exciting knowing that you're just a couple islands away from me doing all of this with Ayo…who you got around the same time I got Paco! 😃

WOHOO! That is wonderful!

Congratulations to you and Ayo, showing is not something i could do.

Thanks a lot everyone. Today was the last day, had excellent, again in the breed and second place in the group competition. Didn't win in the best young dog but I did much better, I was more relaxed and was actually able to pose ayo for a little bit, I had fun!! Hey Shannanigan, that's right we are exactly two islands away. There were a lot of competitors from Puerto Rico, a really nice Boston Terrier from PR won Best in show today and also there was a really nice Fox Terrier. There is a show in San Juan next month!! I don't think I can make it though, next year maybe!!!!!
I will post the pics tomorrow!!!


Congratulations to you and Ayo, showing is not something i could do.

It's harder than I thought it would be…. I hope I will get better, but I'm afraid you just have to be a " calm assertive" type of person , which I am not!!!


here are some of Ayos show pics. I have really good ones with all the medals but I need to download them. Ill post them tomorrow.

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