Shaun is now a Champion!

Today was the day: four more points to put him over the top at the 2011 EBC in Washington state. The EBC is the largest Basenji show of the year. He competes again on Sunday ( a new class maybe) and then I go pick him up…

Here is a shot from yesterday with co-breeder Katie Campbell congratulating co-breeder and handler, MaryK Quinnett, with an excited Shaun looking on. Shaun had just won first place in the Maturity contest at the EBC.

Congratulations 😃


Max…congratulations..I saw this on FB..Shaun is looking wonderful, he deserved every bit of it..Congratulations.

Well done Max, Katie, Mary and of course SHAUN!


I can't wait to get Shaun and Mbali back home…

Congrats on your new champion!! Make sure he gets a special treat when he comes home.

Caption for the picture:

(spoken by the dog in the background) - yeah, right, you think you're better than me, right? Just wait until the next show… I'll show you! 🙂

I know that other B looks totally peeved!!! He's like: Who do you think you are?

Congratulations, what a wonderful photo to have to remind you.

Shaun competes again today. So far he has won Best in Maturity on Friday, WD/BOW Saturday to finish his Championship, and also wins Best BBE in Breed and a BBE Group 3.

Definitely getting a steak dinner this evening once its all over!

Couple more pics from Friday:

Congratulations! He looks fabulous, and I think he's as excited and happy as the humans!


Congratulations! He's a beautiful dog and looks like he knows exactly how proud he should be!

‎$6 worth of fancy celebration steak, lovingly cooked outdoors on the BBQ grill, chilled to perfection and cut diagonally with restaurant style presentation: gone in four seconds…


yeah..those fancy meals never last do they?? I bet he enjoyed it though, even if swiftly. 🙂

Congratulations! Shaun looks very handsome!

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