New Champion!

My boy Morgan had a great weekend at the Cleveland Crown Classic shows! He went BOB all 4 days and finally finished his championship. He is now Ch. Meisterhaus Jadaka Don't Stop Me Now! I can't wait to start working on his grand! (he already has a 5pt major!)

The picture won't post 😕

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Woo Hoo! Way to go

Congratulations! Nice Christmas present for you.

Thank you! also.. looks like the picture is working today? ahaha

Congratulations! Beautiful pup.

@crazysenji what is his full name? I love brindles! Congratulations!

What a wonderful picture and fantastic weekend indeed. Wow, BOB in a row... THAT is the way to finish a championship. Congrats!

@crazysenji - Big congrats!

@tuts - Ch. Meisterhaus Jadaka Don't Stop Me Now

Congratulations - nice looking pup!

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