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@tanza said in Anyone here knows a reputable breeder from Saskatchewan Or Alberta Canada?:

@tuts - Their website says no puppies and no plans for 2021 or 2022

but she is only reputable breeder in this area

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hi! these 5 tests are recommendet to be done before breeding
And you can check if they are done on your own - just put the registered names of sire and dam into search window..

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I guess you have never read the info on the package... 1 piece liver per day only..

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Heartbeat and Dark Sun might have litter in summer

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  1. Bushwacker Hounds and Gundogs ( FB)
  2. Dark Sun Reg'd Basenjis’s (FB)
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I would do a theroid test first of all

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@elbrant said in Allergic Reactions:

@tuts said in Allergic Reactions:

it does not matter

The point is that we are sharing information about Allergic Reactions, if you have experience with it, I'd love to hear about it. You mentioned that you are:

@tuts said in Allergic Reactions:

using homeopathy ( under control of my homeopath doctor) and balancing his raw pray model diet.

I'd love to know more. What type of homeopathy therapy/treatment was recommended? How exactly are you "balancing his diet"? Was the exact cause of the allergy ever determined? Your experiences might be useful for another member/reader, now, or in the future.

If you aren't going to tell us what happened and how it was handled, then why bother mentioning it?

Sorry, I just do not know what exactly helped. For last half year I read a lot and changed a lot.. I have started from this article Hi is on Raw Prey Model. I have exluded pork and reduced the amount of beef. Chicken is only organic or from the farm. Also, I am adding marine phytoplankton to his food. During this period, my homeopath doctor has changed the precriptions also. There is no quick solution here.

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@elbrant it does not matter what was prescribed for my dog, because all have diffrent symptoms and every remedy schoud be selected individully.

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@elbrant my homeopath doctor precribes.. I do not recommend do it on your own

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