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@lory-h adorable pup! great cennel!

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probably, might be her character

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How long last your walks?

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What about this spring?

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hi! check please a FB group - Raw feeding advice and support.

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I am in Ontario too. I have tried to find a puppy last year in the same time and ended with an import. But this costs more than buy local.

I would ask for future fall/winter litter..

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Hello basenji lovers 🙂 Who is going to register to the next shows in Ontario? Help me to choose some of them to participate.. TIA

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hi! Ukraine and Poland is close to you. They have a lot good dogs.. If it is still actual, can you be more specific in the choice - male or female, color.. and I will be able to find for you a couple breeders

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@crazysenji what is his full name? I love brindles! Congratulations!

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