• I just wanted to let everyone know, that Ochre is now known as Australian Champion Wazazi High Expectations, (subject to ANKC approval, of course :D). She achieved this by going Challenge Bitch, then Best Of Breed, as well…

    She is the first champion of her Mother, Ch Wazazi Awesome Beauty, (Electra...), and the first Ch in the litter :). She was very capably handled by my daughter Olivia, who at 14 years of age, is enjoying showing the dogs. She has really only been in the ring for the last 12 months, and also handles our young ACD, Nosh, on occasions, as well. She also shows a friends CKCS, and occasionally another friends Pug as well. I am proud of them both :):):)

  • Great news way to go I also am proud for you.

    Rita Jean

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