Illusion's New Champion(s)

Ms. Dolly, Illusion Tri Alil Tenderness of Dune, finished her AKC Championship at Stephenville KC on October 20. She is our only dog so far to have both UKC and AKC championships!

And Bruce, Tammen's Born in the USA for Illusion, finished his AKC Championship in Lake Perris, CA at the Riverside KC on Oct 29. We are happy happy campers now, what a great couple of weeks!


Congrats and it was great to see you guys last weekend!

WTG! Now, on to what? AGILITY! We got some folks here to guide you! 🙂

Congrats, sounds like Oct was your month.

Debra, I'd love to do Agility if they wouldn't make me run too, LOL! I have, however. been wanting to do Tracking for a long time - but from what I can tell, training is pretty much on your own, not a lot of classes available, at least in our area…


Congratulations! On a side note: I work on tracking with Oakley to help mentally stimulate him; granted its only for fun but he likes it ( for awhile)…

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