It's a teeny brag, but it's all I have…

  • Jazzy got first in her group today at the Nisqually Kennel Club show. 🙂
    Another ribbon for my "Wall of Jazzy" in the family room!

    Didn't get Winner's, but it's not her fault that Khani's brought a knock-out bitch to the show. 😃 I had never seen her before, but she was gorgeous!
    My husband even said, "I saw her come into the ring and thought, 'Uh oh, Jazz is in trouble' " LOL


  • Awww…she is really cute! Congrats on the blue ribbon!

  • Were going to have to work on your bragging skills, just think of Jazzy as one of your kids who made an amazing goal during a soccer game. It’s not important that you lost the game, or that there were kids on the field who had better skills, all that matter is that moment, that specific goal.

    Jazzy is an exceptional dog, which had Connie Paulsen, Funny’s owner, the other dog, sweating bullets.

    Funny did finish her championship that day, so she’ll no longer have to compete against Funny in the classes. Congratulation to Kathy and Connie, Khani Basenjis, well done.

  • LOL, Bryan. I suppose it comes from all those years of my mom telling me, and me telling my kids, that it's not polite to brag! LOL

    BUT, I really do have a Wall of Jazz in my family room that has a bulletin board with all her ribbons, and the three show 8x10's next to it.
    So, maybe that's my subtle way of bragging to everyone that enters the room…?

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