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excellent - hope all works out well.

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Theresa - Stuart Bell is the secretary of the Basenji Club of Great Britain. i think there will prob be something on the dog papers about her nxt week too, so fingers crossed.

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I know that Stuart Bell has been asking around to try to find a home for her - i got another email at work earlier today. Im sure between us we will find a good home for her soon.

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i emailed someone who i thought may be interested…hopefully will get a response soon.

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you got me searching through some old crufts catalogues for the 1950s, and the Andersons were just about the only scottish based exhibitors - could she perhaps just have had dogs from them? The seemed to have moved about quite a bit in the 50s thru north England/Scotland, and back in those days the bred prolifically so there would be lots of basenjis out there.. Will be really interesing to find out who she is and who the dogs were - keep us informed!

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i may know of an experienced basenji home who might be looking - will be monday before i can contact them though.

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Attention all UK Basenji Owners - remember that the entries for the Northern Basenji Society championship show closes soon….get your entries to Irene Horner before 20th June!

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I am really sorry to hear about Red. I am sure lots of us have been in much the same position at one time or another, and what you decide to do is really a very personal choice - only you can decide what is going to make her last few months with you the best they can be.
I lost one of my dobes to stomach cancer a few years back, and i opted NOT to treat with chemo - we simply brought her home and made sure she had the best few months we could possibly give her - then when the time came gave her peace with her family around her. I think given the same set of circumstances i would do the same again. If cure was a possibility then sure consider Chemo, but if its just prolonging the inevitable, then it does need you to think about whats going to be best for Red.

best wishes - whatever you decide.

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A terrific post Debra, thank you for posting this - lots of food for thought for all of us who have basenjis tested as affected/carrier especially.

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Hi Quizbasenji - welcome from another UK basenji owner.

re your comment about Trindles - that is simply not true. There have been very few brindles born in the UK at all - never mind trindles. sounds as though you bumped into an "instant Expert" who decided to make up a story! I agree colour alone should never be a reason to put down a pup, but i seriously doubt any uk breeder would consider such a thing even if a trindle was produced.

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