Lost Basenji In Michigan

You've got prayers coming from Georgia! Good luck!

Many people are aware and hoping for a safe return. Are you posting flyers all over, and in the paper? Get neighborhood kids involved too, and just stay out there, looking (preferably with another basenji). If she has been seen, try traps baited with her favorite foods (KFC h as been used successfully).

Very things are as frustrating as a lost basenji!

Anne in Tampa

Hi All-

Mezza's mom, Emily, just called me and there was a sighting on Thursday. She was running around a youth camp near where she originally got lost. So Emily went out last night and put up what posters she could before leaving for China this morning. I may go out and look some today. I'll keep you all posted. Thanks for the prayers and suggestions!


From another list, a woman who's basenji was recently lost for a week advised to add to posters and adds that people nearby should check garages and sheds, her dog was found hiding in someone's garage. Posters, and lots of people out looking, especially if you can take basenjis along to try and attract her. Lost dogs get totally freaked out and often won't come to their owners when called.
Animal control may be able to supply you with live traps.
Keep looking for her!

Any updates? We're keeping this guy in our thoughts.

I hope Mezza comes home safe and quickly. You are in my thoughts.

We are waiting for updates… and crossing our fingers and paws she is found.

No word on Mezza yet, guys. Wish I had something to tell you. She was last seen about 20 miles from where she was lost, but we have not heard anything since. Will keep you posted.

Send flyers to the post offices in the area, the folks driving the streets might see this b.
Also, UPS.
Most of us want to help find dogs who are lost.

Don't give up hope; I thought one of my other dogs was dead earlier this year, (he's a deaf staffy); he was lost during the week of the blizzard… I said many prayers, and I live in a farming community, w/the help of a wonderful friend, and many prayers Jack made it home safely... a little thin, raw paw pads, but he came home alive (and yes the fence was fixed). I'll keep ya's in my prayers.

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