Lost basenji Knoxville, Tennessee

I feel for both of you. It is always hard to lose a dog, but this is one of the worst ways. I am so sorry, and I know the pain you must be feeling.

Things like this can happen so quickly, just in the blink of an eye. I'm so sad to read about both of these basenjis. My heart breaks for you.

This is such sad news - my heart goes out to you. Even on the days when they are a test of our patience, the thought of losing our B's is unthinkable. You have the knowledge that they knew love and good care before they crossed to the Rainbow Bridge.

My heart aches for both of you, this is a sudden and terrible way to lose a beloved dog. Hugs.

I am so sorry to hear that Tegres was found dead. This is heartbreaking.

debbi j.

When I sent my post, I had not read that Zeba has also crossed the bridge. My condolences on both basenjis.

debbi j.

Oh no, what devastation for both of you. šŸ˜ž I'm really, really sorry to hear this. I know from many years of having Basenjis that some are so fast to escape.

Thinking of you both at this very sad timeā€¦

How terribly sad for all involvedā€¦I'm so sorry.

Please ignore - this is just a test.

debbi j.

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