How to Find a Lost Dog (not my basenji)

What an absolutely adorable dog!!! I hope and pray for his safe, healthy and quick return. I don't like Facebook, but it is definitely the best place to start.

I hope he was microchipped.

Thank you for the reply!

@pawla yes! he was micro chipped! I even found out that there is microchip you can activate to actually track the dog too so need to learn more...

Hello to all, thank you for the suggestions and responses. Sadly, yesterday the pup Dude was hit by car and did not survive. I can't imagine the pain the owner is going through right now. I learned a lot on how to find a lost dog from dog expert Susan Packer from the Bay Area and will share more soon. Sadly, he was not found in time despite the owner camping out in their car for over a week at the last locations he was spotted. I replied to help and learned so much about how kind people can be-- just like this group so willing to help! Cheers, Dude lives on with lasting memories of his short life!0_1613016393908_dude 2.jpg )

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@bark said in How to Find a Lost Dog (not my basenji):

Dude lives on with lasting memories

Such a sad ending.... 😞

So sorry to hear this news. Very sad. 😢

@elbrant thank you! I agree for sure!

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