• Our 4 month old Basenji puppy found a way to escape our friend's fenced yard yesterday evening. She hasn't been seen or heard from by anyone we've talked to. We are in the Kansas City metro area (she was specifically lost in Lenexa, KS). We aren't really sure what she will do on her own and so we don't know how to keep searching. Based on your experience with Basenji puppies, do you think she is more likely to have stayed in neighborhoods or gone into the wooded areas? Please please any advice would be amazing.

  • If you have facebook/ social media, I would try and post there and continuously search the neighborhood you lost your baby in or around that area. Being such a young age its hard to tell where it may go but I feel like people may see it and grab it due to it being so cute and small, therefore I feel like you could have more luck on an online watch page for that area or by putting out fliers. Also try the local animal shelters/vets because sometimes people will take them there to see if they are chipped! So sorry, and I really hope you find your baby soon!! prayers sent your way!

  • --Also, I know my vet here will print out fliers for your lost dog for free and also post it on their webpage so that more people can see it! I would definitely go and try to talk to a local vet!

  • Thank you so much for the advice! We put up some signs and someone saw her running in a field and knew to catch her! Thank you for the great idea.

  • YAY!! I'm so so glad you found her!!!

  • WHEW! So glad you got her back safely!

  • Sooooo glad you got the pup back

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