• I'm cross posting….

    LOST BASENJI ON CAPE COD (Dennis area)! Cheryl Paul's just-adopted girl Ginny bolted from her new home this morning. Ginny is a very dark red, with darker fur on her face and does NOT have a collar. If you know anyone in the area, please ask them to watch for her and contact Animal Control if sighted. And please start the prayers for her safe return!

    Laura Whitney
    Andover-Harvard Theological Library
    45 Francis Avenue
    Cambridge, MA. 02138

  • I live in MA and this is an awful time into lose a dog in the Cape! The tourist season is insane which makes traffic hectic…I really hope someone finds her and she is safe soon.

  • update:

    Ginny (Basenji lost in Dennis, MA) has been sighted several times, including by Cheryl herself, and is hanging around a specific area. A humane trap will be set up tomorrow, and her new dog-brother Tom is on the job laying down a scent trail for her. Keep the good vibes coming at them all, and keep your fingers crossed for good news in the very near future!

    Laura Whitney
    Arlington, MA

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