Lost tri basenji tolland ct

sophia/bunny was lost last night in tolland ct
she is a small tricolor girl
she is very skittish and may snap if you try to handle her

if you see her please call

Greg Pinto
860.645.0123 office
860.836.8880 cell

if you are in the tolland area and are able to join in searching for her that would be wonderful

Awwwe, Westcoastflea… this is the girl you just fostered, isn't it? I didn't see your thread until now; I sincerely hope she will go back to her new family! Greg wrote in an email to me that "Zoe" called out for her... maybe if Zoe keeps calling, she will return to her new family! Or, if she calls out to Sophie/Bunny and gets her attention... if she runs the other way, the basenji may decide to chase her! ?

Hugs to you and to the new foster family... it's funny, once you foster a basenji, they become part of your extended family, don't they? Whenever I talk to my daughter or my sister, there is always a time in the conversation when we talk about their basenjis. 🙂

Praying for a happy ending!

hi there
yes it is the girl i fostered

she went to a wonderful home with some really great people and its just one of those really unfortunate things that happen sometimes

my first reaction upon hearing about it was rent a car and drive down
but after calming down i had to weigh the costs of the car rental what i would do with my foster and being away from home for a couple of days against the fact that i had had her for the same amount of time her new owners have and if she wont come to them i doubt she would come for me, i just wish i was closer so that i could give it a try since you never know what might trigger her to respond to the people trying to help her

im pinning my hopes on the fact that bunnys breeder/owner of 3 years may go down today to help

perhaps if bunny sees/smells her old owner the trust that was built up between them from the time she was born will kick in and sophia will come to her

i posted here when we first heard she was missing in the hopes that anyone close to the area might join in the search

if nothing else im sure any support/ideas that the people on this forum could offer to her owners would be of some help

it is just heartbreaking to think of sophia out in the woods in the cold, she was always so fearful of everything i cant imagine what is going through her mind that would cause her to stay in the woods her owners are wonderful people and i hear she was very attached to her new mom

the good news is that she is staying in the area and is approaching houses etc perhaps when she gets hungry enough she will overcome whatever fears she has and let someone help her

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