Lost Basenji - San Antonio, Tx

San Antonio Texas- YOUR HELP IS NEEDED- Lost Besenji- Near Vance Jackson
Dogs house is on River Path- dog has been gone since Sunday- Dog Sitter just
notified Breeder- Owner is out of the Country- and ON his way HOME- he probably
does not know YET- Breeder is frantic- if ANY DOG people are in this area and
can help out= PLEASE they need ALL the help they can get- dog has been sighted
several times- so he is sticking to the area- Owners Friend is NOW there and
trying to find the dog- his name is Cody- 210-685-4676 The dog has Tags on- with
telephone number-for the owner

PS all, this is one of Tad's Basenjis. (Meisterhaus)

He is a red and white.

Still looking for Nick in San Antonio. We believe he must be with someone who is not reporting him. Have contacted rescue groups, used a tracker dog and even a psychic. I am trying to see if the local news media will do a story. Any help from local basenji owners is much appreciated.

Wish I was there to help, but can only send positive vibes that he will be found safe and sound!

First Basenji's

So sorry to hear he hasn't been found yet. 😞
Please, please update if anything is heard.

I'm really sad to hear this. I hope if someone has taken him in, they will bring him safely home.

Have you contacted vet offices and low cost neuter/spay clinics? Since he is intact and someone may be keeping him, the finder may go and have him neutered.


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