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I love my girls. But I think everyone around me is tired of hearing about them haha I pretty much show pictures of them to anyone I get to know.

Whenever my sister tells me stories about her toddler, I always tell her I can totally relate because my B's act so much like toddlers. I love it; they always keep me on my toes. They are like my children.

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Thank you so much for the advice! We put up some signs and someone saw her running in a field and knew to catch her! Thank you for the great idea.

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Our 4 month old Basenji puppy found a way to escape our friend's fenced yard yesterday evening. She hasn't been seen or heard from by anyone we've talked to. We are in the Kansas City metro area (she was specifically lost in Lenexa, KS). We aren't really sure what she will do on her own and so we don't know how to keep searching. Based on your experience with Basenji puppies, do you think she is more likely to have stayed in neighborhoods or gone into the wooded areas? Please please any advice would be amazing.

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My husband and I have a female Basenji who is just over a year old. We are hoping to get her a friend because she gets lonely during the day, but she does really well when having other dogs around. We both prefer female dogs but I do know there is a risk of dogs of the same sex being more likely to have problems with each other.

My dog has been around other female dogs when I stayed with my grandparents for a couple of months and when she stayed with my parents while we were on vacation for a couple of weeks. She didn't seem to have any out of the ordinary issues with the female dogs (aside from when one of them wanted to stop playing) and actually fought more with my parents' male Cocker Spaniel.

Is aggression between females a particularly bad issue in Basenjis? Is it a hit or miss thing depending on the temperament of the dogs? Will getting the second female as a puppy help? Thanks for the advice!

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