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Hi Craigh,

I am the BRAT Regional Coordinator for all of Central Time Zone which means if they are in TX I am the person who will assign them to a local coordinator. You may write to me personally at

We will certainly try to help!

Liz Newton

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A man in Puerto Rico posted his basenji to BRAT. Although I would love to fly there and evaluate the dog, BRAT is unable to accept him due to he complexity of meeting our preapproval criteria. I told the gentleman that I would post to other basenji lists. I received pictures of a handsome tricolor purebred that I can forward to anyone who is interested. Here is more information along with owner contact. He says Abbasi is up to date with all vetting. Emilio is willing to pay all expenses to ship him to an adopter. He wants to find him a good home that understands the breed.

call_name: abbasi
dog_state: pr
dob: feb 09 2006
gender: Male
color: Tri
weight: 30
spayed/neutered?: Yes
breeder unknown?: Yes
pet shop basenji?: No
pedigree_breeder_place_of_purchase: it was given to me by a friend who owns the father and the mother
healthy?: Yes
is the dog on meds?: Yes
list_meds: heartguard once a month
have rabies certificate?: Yes
is the dog tattooed?: No
micro-chipped?: No
dog eats?: 1x day,
Dry fooddry_food: royal canine
how_to_feed: once a day
temperament: dog aggressive, once he get to know the dog will stop being agressive, he lives with a pitbull. very confident, independet, loves to walk and needs lots of excersice.
lived with kids?: Yes
likes kids?: Yes
lived with cats?: No
likes cats?: No
lived with dogs?: Yes
likes dogs?: Yes, No
likes both men and women?: Yes
nips?: Yes
bites?: No
crate trained?: Yes
sleep_spot: crate with blankets
housebroken?: Yes
house destructive?: No
destructive outside?: No
climber?: Don't know
escaper?: Yes
wakes up badly?: No
rides well in car?: No
gets carsick?: No
rides in crate?: Yes
owner_name: emilio Marquez
owner_address: C/ modena 1550 Fuentebella
owner_city: toa altaowner_
state: Pr
owner_zip: 00953
owner_day_phone: 787 567 9922
owner_evening_phone: same
years_owned: 4months; 1previous_owner
placement_reason: moving to apartment with no patio and he needs patio to run.
placement_deadline: ASAP
dog has a crate?: Yes
crate_size: medium

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I find it very disappointing that this breeder could not take pity on a girl for whom she should have been responsible. I hope she is ashamed for continuing to breed dogs she will later also not take responsibility. Does she believe that if people pay $1200 they won't want to return their basenji when he/she gets sick, destroys something of value, or the owner has a major life change? If the breeder is in poor health she should stop breeding NOW. Many breeders are not looking far enough into the future IMO.

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My personal experience with an underground fence is that they are a waste of money with basenjis. If there is nothing around to chase she might stay in the yard but as soon as your back is turned if she sees a rabbit, squirrel, cat, another dog or even a leaf blowing the chase will be on. Basenjis can stray 5 - 10 miles in minutes. Many die by being run over by motor vehicles.

Where in IL are you? I live in Mattoon.


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Please cross post
She escaped the fence at her foster home last night at bedtime. She had been there so briefly that she is unfamiliar with the area.
She will not come when called and will be very hard to get even if I find her. I need some help.
She does have her tags with the BRAT #'s on them.
I have my cell phone (214)-729-3184 and am going to start walking the neighborhood with food and a
leash and hope to find her. Please let me know immediately if anyone calls.
Susie Priore
Heres her online profile for pics.
http://www.basenjir DOGS/TX/TX-

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From Pam Hamilton and Debbi Johnson:

Greetings from not-so-sunny-or-warm Florida!

As many of you are probably aware, the hearing was held Thursday, Feb. 11, to determine the custody of the basenjis confiscated by HCAS (Hillsborough County Animal Services). The owner did not show up for the custody hearing. The judge heard a brief review of the case, promptly awarded custody to HCAS, waived the 30 day appeal period and enjoined Mr. Holland from owning any animals in Hillsborough County. It will take a bit of time to finalize paperwork. It is currently the intention of HCAS to have BRAT take the basenjis and rehome them. More details on that process will follow soon. It will take time, money and manpower to get this unique batch of basenjis onto their new lives in real homes. Donations will be gratefully appreciated for this significant endeavor.

Debbi has spent the week running around with Pam, taking care of basenjis young and old. Mr. Holland's basenjis have gone without vetting for so long that getting all of his basenjis parasite free and healthy has taken some time. Debbi's now had the chance to experience a bit of the nursemaid duties.

I will provide a description of the characteristics and personalities that this line has. Adopters and fosters must be able to demonstrate that they will be able to meet the needs of these intense and high-level basenjis. They have neat personalities, but they are a bit like "Jolt" - a high-caffeine, high-sugar soda - lots of kick and energy.

It has been a pleasure to work so closely with a shelter to help basenjis. I hope that more shelters will work with us in this fashion in the future.

We have not yet had any news from the SPCA in Pinellas County.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Pam & Debbi

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Report from BRAT:

Thank you for your concern about the Florida basenjis in the news, including the 12 confiscated from an individual's St. Petersburg property in Pinellas County by the SPCA and the 33 confiscated from his Wimauma property in HillsboroughCounty by Animal Control. BRAT is aware of their situation and has made contact with these organizations through our Florida District Coordinator, Pam Hamilton. All dogs, though in physical custody of these two organizations, are not currently in legal custody of either group. They will have to wait until ownership is determined in custody hearings prior to determining what their future fate will be. They are "evidence" until that time and, as such, cannot be seen by the general public. They can only be handled by veterinarians and authorized staff. If and when the SPCA and Hillsborough Animal Control have legal custody of this group of dogs, BRAT will be available to help. To avoid confusion with the SPCA and Animal Control, we would like to only have one person contact these organizations. We have appointed Pam Hamilton as the official Basenji Rescue and Transport contact. As always, we will continue to cooperate with both the SPCA Hillsborough Animal control, providing assistance whenever they can accept it. Thanks for your concern and offers of assistance. We will let people know when and if help is needed from the Basenji community. I have added to the end of this message a series of links to newspaper article and news videos about this group of Basenjis. Sincerely, Debbi JohnsonBRAT Treasurer & DirectorGermantown, Here are the links from the first day, second day, then the confiscationday.–09818/video-news/…30/video-news/

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He was adopted before the BRAT volunteer could get there.

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Check BRAT's site frequently. Somebody might have tried to give her a good home for the past several weeks and then give her up now that it is colder. It is difficult for coordinators to keep in mind every lost dog notice but we do have a policy to post all the "found" dogs to the web site.

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I have been a BRAT foster home for several years and hosted many basenjis. There is no limit on how long a basenji will be fostered and depends completely on the dog's needs and the availability of a suitable adopter when the dog is ready to move on. I have adopted two fosters who were both here longer than normal due to health issues. A foster home in MO frequently ends up with basenjis who have serious health or behavior problems. They have lots of room on their farm so can manage several basenjis at once although the work is demanding, sometimes overwhelming. Currently they have 9 fosters and have adopted others who were deemed to be unqualified for other placements due to age or other problems. Two fosters have been with them for 4years. BRAT will have a dog PTS if it is suffering from physical illness or too aggressive to be placed. If they are old, have Fanconi or other manageable illnesses they may remain in a foster home until they die a natural death. We always need more foster homes.

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