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Hey guys-

So we just got back from the emergency vet and we almost lost Piggy tonight! The good news is she made it. I let her out in the back to go potty and she was only out there for about 10 minutes. When I went back to get her she was kind of laying up against the fence funny but she got up and walked in. I got her in and she couldn't stand up. She fell right over. I knew something wasn't right. I checked her vitals and they weren't good. We ran out of the house and raced to the E-vet. She was in shock from an allergic reaction. Her temp was 96 and her heart rate was 150. They brought in the estimate and I almost threw up, it was $1100! We decided to just have them get her stable and take her home (rather than leaving her there). They assured us we didn't make a bad decision but I am still so nervous about it. We got out of there paying $400 and I figure I will just bring her back if it worsens overnight. They don't know what caused it, though they are assuming a bee. They said that we may not be so lucky next time. Jason has poison ivy that we are assuming he got from the woods behind our house, which is close to our kennel. So I haven't ruled that out myself.

Has anyone ever had anything like this happen??

The emergency vet said they don't have "epipens" for dogs but the all knowing internet tells me otherwise. Has anyone ever heard of this?

I am really considering pet insurance now. Do you guys have it? What are your experiences?

I am going to try to get some rest while she does, I am sure it will be a long night…

Jordan, Jason, Pig, and George

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I did, Pat. They are both Midwest and they wanted like $35 for each plus 20 shipping last I checked!! Foster&Smith seems like the cheapest. About $57 for one 36" and one 42" with shipping. Right now I've got George in a crappy old metal one (that has a rusted tray) and Pig is in one with a blanket. I decided I better get new ones just because I don't like him in the rusty one or Pig without a tray. I went to another pet store today and they wanted $40 and $37. Crazy! Thanks for the ideas guys…

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Hey guys!

A while ago I had my aunt's beagle for a week and she tore apart all three of my plastic kennel trays, does anyone know where to get new trays? I have asked around town and no pets stores have any ideas.



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Solid, so that we could put it on carpet 🙂

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What kind of bottoms, if any can you get for the x-pens? Are there any brands in particular that make them?

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I like the "if you get to play with your mouth I do" idea but would it make them have a bad association about you messing with their teeth??

We have always used a squirt bottle with water. We only had to squirt a couple of time and now "wanna get squirted" stops the biting.

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Humans CAN get it. One day I was watching "mystery diagnosis" on discovery health and I was thinking "boy, that guy's symptoms sure sound like Fanconi." Sure enough it was 🙂

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Hey Joey I don't know if you have found a place but we have a great lady just north of GR. Her name is Sam and her kennel's name is Hyer Luv. Her facilities are not basenji perfect only being that he fences are not super high, so if you have a climber or jumper it may not be the best place. For us it works perfectly because Piggy doesn't do either of those especially when she has other dogs to play with.

She is basenji experienced with others than Piggy. Piggy has spent a significant amount of time with her (about 3 weeks in the last 8 months or so). She loves Piggy to death and even lets Pig sleep in the bed with her when she is there. She is also very reasonable price-wise at $15 per night. For long periods it may be worth your drive over here. Other places I contacted and went for an interview were $30 and over and took in far more dogs than I could ever imagine them being able to adequately care for.

She was very thorough with the interview…we were there for over an hour the first time. She asked us to provide a detailed description of a typical day in our life so that she can keep her on schedule. She is very particular about making sure the temperaments of dogs that play together is appropriate. She also gives you a great deal of feedback when you pick them up and I really think she keeps our training up for us. Piggy comes home and is exhausted for days so I know she has gotten plenty of exercise. She also loves to go to Sam's and runs to the door when we ask, "wanna go to Sam's?" Sam and Fred go above and beyond and have even helped us out in a pinch many times and with advice for training and other dog-related issues. Once we had to take Piggy there with an injured foot from a dogpark incident and Sam and Fred took care of her injury impressively well.

She is well respected as a responsible ****er spaniel breeder and I do not feel that it interferes with her ability to care for our dog in any way. She is very strict about only having as many dogs as she is able to provide enough love and time for. I have run into other owners who have boarded with her and they seem to be equally as passionate about the care that she provides their furfriends too.

You can visit her website at:

Other B owners I know have used camp bow wow and really liked it. I do like their facility but don't know much about the overnight care there. I know that there are some over your way. Over here it runs about $38 per night.

Best of luck!

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Piggy only has problems pooping when she gets panicky too. For example if we leave her home in a crate and someone comes in the house but doesn't come down to see her or let her out she will do it. We can't put anything in her crate or she shreds it, we tried everything. For a while I was even buying fleece baby blankets at the dollar store and tossing them if she pooped. We gave up on that after a while. The mess was terrible, so I can relate to hours of cleanup… by the time you get her cleaned up and the crate.

We did some desensitizing and left for short periods like I described before, and that helped a lot. My friend that has a B went to the vet about her anxiety, hers would cry incessantly, and they actually gave her meds, prozac I think, for it. I think she tried it, but didn't think it worked enough to do it. Sounded crazy to me.

It hasn't happened in a while so we have been lucky. She has come to terms with her crate now and will once in a while go hang out in it by choice, so I know she doesn't hate it.

Have you tried one of those snuggle buddy things? I wonder if you could find some way to protect it if Darwin had an accident.

Best of luck and lots of patience!

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Zeke is great! No wonder he is so hoarse!!!
No response from pig tonight on that one, but she is sleepy from the park today.

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