• A seven month r/w female Basenji got lost just before dark last evening in Ithaca NY.

    The family is visiting there and are scheduled to leave Sunday for AZ….They are frantic to find her.
    She is not familiar with the area and is wearing a collar and has a leash attached to a harness..
    She was last seen darting into a wooded area when a stranger chased her trying to catch her.

    She is Micro chipped, but I don't have the number handy.

    I do not know the actual area of town she was in but the owner does...
    Owners phone number is 928 243 0053
    Mine is 602 942 4693.
    Any help or information would be great fully appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Bev Bland
    Brushy Run Basenjis

  • Oh no!! I will post on FB. I hope they find her.

  • It looks like there are several different animal control facilities in that county but the main one is Tompkins County Animal Control. There are several other towns in the county with their own animal control which makes it difficult to try to find a stray dog that has been picked up!

    You might want to post on the SPCA of Tompkins County Facebook Page!


  • I saw a post on FB that she was found with the help of a tracking dog and is fine.

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