Lost red and white basenji - Westchester, NY

  • My friends from the Ossining dog park are looking for their red and white - Chloe. Tayda and Lenny used to run around with Chloe and her brother, Shamus all the time when we lived in New York.

    I dont know all the details, just that she has been missing since yesterday around 11:30am. They were coming home from a weekend away and Chloe got away from the dog sitter.

    Ugh - I'm just sick over this and wish there was more I could do from here. they are out looking and looking and I wish I could do more to help. I just posted a lost ad on craigslist and when I get more details from them I'll call around to shelters/vets/police/etc etc (if they haven't done that already) to get them on the lookout.

    Here's little Chloe… I sure hope she comes home soon!

  • She apparently went missing from the Pleasantville area headed north. They are scoping out the New Castle, NY area today.

    UGH I hope she comes home soon.

  • Oh, I hope that she is found safe.
    Hugs to all.

  • Please use posters in the areas she may be in. They can be quite effective.

    Keeping fingers crossed that she returns to her home safely.

  • Houston

    sending wellwishes and good vibes that she will found safe and sound..

  • She has apparently traveled about 1.5 miles north of where she got loose and been there ever since. They are leaving food and water for her and there have been about 10 sightings in the last day. She appears uninjured but is spooked or something cause she wont come to her owners. They are working with a guy that sets traps w/ night vision cameras and if they don't get her today he will set some for her.

    UGH - it just makes me so anxious! I can't wait until she is back!

  • Michelle…This is so sad...I hope they get her back soon and that she stays safe until they catch her.

    One question, have they brought Shamus with them when they've gone searching for her? If not, possibly she would come to him since they are buddies...just a thought.

  • I'm not sure, but I imagine they have Shamus with them. They have basically been camping out in the neighborhood where she has been. I don't think they have slept in 2-3 days now….

    I sure hope she comes back soon!!!!!!!!!

  • Please keep us updated as you learn more. I can't imagine how worried they must be.

  • Any more sightings or any news that she is back home safely?

  • Not home yet but more sightings. She is keeping in a pretty small area apparently. They do have Shamus with them and she has seen him and was interested but I guess got spooked and ran off again. They found a place where she had bedded also.

    I SO home she's home with them soon! I can't imagine how frusterating it must be to have her close and in sight and not be able to get to her.

  • This just in - CHLOE IS BACK WITH HER OWNERS!!!! She is looking good but they are on their way to the vet - just in case.

    SUCH A RELIEF! Their owners put some serious superhuman effort into getting her home - congrats to them!

    I am so happy for them and for Chloe and Shamus.

  • Whew!!! Glad Chloe is back!!! 😃

    When you get more details, pls. let us know how she was found and how she's doing after the vet check…

  • OMG - Excellent news!!! Yay!!!

    Yes, when you know, please let us know how they managed to catch her and how she is doing.

  • Well, Chloe is back from the vet and amazingly after 5 days on her own, was not dehydrated at all so she did find a water source out there. She apparently got away when the dog walker was getting her out of her crate and about to put her leash on and a firework went off, spooked her, and off she went.

    Over the past few days, they had seen her, sometimes with Shamus and sometimes without and would always get spooked somehow and run away. But the last time, she was really interested in Shamus and they actually ignored her and started to walk away, while dropping chicken behind them - and she came out to them.

    I can't imagine the willpower (or whatever it's called) it must have taken to walk away from her like that. Man. Gives me chills just thinking about it.

    It surprised me that she wouldn't come to them and they were saying that when a dog gets scared and spooked like that they go into survival mode and won't go to anyone until they calm down and have had enough of being on their own. is that true?

    Poor thing - if she was spooked by the firework and then got away - she must have been terrified at all the fireworks that followed that night. 😞

    Well, I'm SO RELIEVED she is back. As is everyone.

  • I'm so relieved that she's been found and I do hope she'll soon get over the traumas.

    One of my boys ran off after a car accident and although he was only gone for about 20 to 25 minutes not sveral days, he ran to a corner of a field and it took some time for him to come back to me. I put it down to people running after him to try and catch him. I did exactly the same as Chloe's owners - got as close as possible and then walked away ignoring him.

  • What super, super news! So glad to hear it!

  • Whew! Thanks for sharing the great news, I have been worried.

  • On brat chat she said she was found and home safe.

  • YAY!!!!


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