• Just posted on Craig's List:
    email: cmlach85@yahoo.com

    Lost Basenji around 71st and Oak street. Redish brown fur with a white belly and white socks around her feet. She is a friendly but shy dog that should respond to the name Sam. Please call 816-349-1117 or 913-269-1520 if found or any questions.

  • Good news! Sam returned home today! 🙂

  • @Patty:

    Good news! Sam returned home today! 🙂

    That's great news!

  • i'm so glad to read that. she looked so loved in that pic.

  • Patty: Did she return on her own or did someone return her? I am always afraid of mine escaping, and although she knows the area real well here, don't know if she would come home eventually. I've read about so many who don't. So glad yours did!!

  • The email that I received from the owner said she returned on her own the next day. Like you, I'm worried that if my new basenji escaped, she wouldn't know her way home. 🙂

    BTW, did you know that here, in Florida, many of the county animal shelters contact BRAT whenever a basenji is captured? I think it is awesome that BRAT has such credibility within the animal rescue community, and it instills confidence in me that BRAT is thought of so highly….

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