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Mine do the neck grab some also, but definitely the "butt slam" – before she had her stroke, my female would even butt slam us when she'd get really hyper and playful.

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One of mine scoots and licks when she needs expressing, but she rarely leaks/"splooges". My male, however, may scoot or lick, but I tend to do his at least every one to two months because he is prone to expressing them when he gets scared or startled – much like a skunk. I'd rather express his anal glands than deal with the "squirt" mess.

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All of our Bs have loved paper products too. We regularly have toilet paper "confetti" at our house, and Jubilee will sneak napkins out of unsuspecting guests' laps at dinner! He knows we will catch him so he only goes for newbies 🙂

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My pups are on HW meds year-round, and usually flea/tick too because I'm in Alabama and we've had fleas and mosquitos as early as Jan/Feb. You never know what AL winter will be like. We've always used Heartgard Plus - the dogs like it and I like that it also treats hooks and rounds.

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@debra – thanks for the welcome! Old dogs are a challenge, but I wouldn't trade my time with them for the world. My parents are overseas and the vet care where they are sucks, so I'm happy to have Mystique with me!
I'm "down south" too -- in AL. Where in the south are you (if you don't mind me asking)?

@agilebasenji -- thanks for the tip! I joined the group and they do have tons of stuff -- almost too much for me to handle at times LOL

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@Baxterandbailey – my 12yo male just went through something very similar and he too had diarrhea issues with the rimadyl. He actually had better relief from prednisone than the rimadyl/tramadol combo. He had a sensitive tummy too and does well on Wellness Senior. Also for his stiffness and arthritis, (this may sound crazy) I use a dog-sized dose of horse vitamins my mom uses for her Arabian mares. I just mix it in his food and he loves it. It's called For-a-Flex Joint Support. It is pricey, but it'll last a long time for a dog vs a horse lol.

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I live in AL, not near Abbeville, but I've got friends/family all over. I'll post it on Facebook and email an Alabama pet lost/found group that was established after the April 27th tornados.

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Very cool! Makes me want to do some professional pix with my Bs. Lovely dogs!

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What a cutie! Absolutely beautiful. He reminds me of my boy, Jubilee.

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I know how you feel!! Whenever my husband and I go on vacation, by the end of the trip we are so anxious to get home to see our Bs. Oddly enough, my male, Jubilee, does better at the kennel than at home with a pet-sitter. His separation anxiety is worse at home than away.

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