Lost basenji in New Philadelphia, Ohio

Hope she comes home soon. Hugs and prayers going your way.

So sorry you have not found Dot yet. I agree, she's out there somewhere. They are very handsome dogs, even when they are dirty (which is rare, given their need for cleanliness). Someone may have seen her running around and thought she was a stray and was in the mood to get a dog….happenstance. Even so, it does take a special owner to have a Basenji (we wouldn't be on this site if it didn't). Keep checking the Humane society, SICSA, any pet rescues in your area (or even farther afield), just everywhere. Even if she was taken in by someone, they will either give her up because she's a Basenji (because of the behavior issues) or they will do resarch on what they have and may end up here (on the forum) anyway.:)

I am praying for Dot's return. God knows exactly where she is and I am believing that he will make the neccessary connections to bring her home!

Psalm 36:6 Your righteousness is like the mighty mountains, your justice like the great deep. O LORD, you preserve both man and beast.

Just thought I would update….it's been awhile. Dot has not come home. I hope her life now is better than it was with us. We still miss you babydot! Love always, Enzo, Gino, Sophi, Femi and mom


I am so sorry she is not with you still..I just hope she is safe and sound..

Thanks for the update. I am so sorry you haven't got Dot back.

I am so very sorry that you never found Dot. My heart goes out to you.

Rita Jean

I'm so sorry you haven't found Dot.

Check BRAT's site frequently. Somebody might have tried to give her a good home for the past several weeks and then give her up now that it is colder. It is difficult for coordinators to keep in mind every lost dog notice but we do have a policy to post all the "found" dogs to the web site.

oh this thread just breaks my heart! I hope you are reunited with Dot…..

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