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Just thought I would update….it's been awhile. Dot has not come home. I hope her life now is better than it was with us. We still miss you babydot! Love always, Enzo, Gino, Sophi, Femi and mom

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Houndmom, I'm sure that if someone is looking for her, they already notified the HS and other shelters in the area or will soon. I wish I could take her if her family doesn't find or want her back. It just hasn't been the same without Dot in our life. Keep those IGs safe! I'm glad you found the forum. From Alicia in Ohio

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Hi all. Just a quick update…still no Dot. I hope for her return everyday. Sorry to not have visited lately...but I cry when I write to you all....I'm able to talk about her without losing it now. Bart and Holly, thank you....and I do call everyone in the paper who finds any small dog...I think I helped a Jack Russell get back home becuz I saw both the lost and found ads...that was a great feeling. I hope all your Bs are safe and warm!

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Here is a pic of Dot…that is Femi's tail on the left. You can see Dot's mostly red face here, no blaze. You can't see her small white dot on the back of her neck...about an inch in diameter. She has no neck collar, just the dot and a white chest. What a pretty girl who we miss more than anything.

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BART, I checked the Dayton Daily News for the found ad, but I didn't see it. There were ads posted back to 9/1. When did you see that ad? I'm sorry I hadn't checked back sooner on this forum, but I finally got high-speed internet this past weekend (I was on dial-up for years). I have still been walking and searching for Dot! I was at the HSUS tonight. I would like to call the person in that Dayton ad; would you still have the ad for the number? If not I will contact tht paper and see if they can help me find it. My email is if you want to send it there. Please type Dot in the subject line so your not mistaken for spam. Thank you all.

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No news. Oh how today has been a really hard day for me. Missing her. She is the first thing I think about when I wake up. I think about her all the time… I read something today that said we need enough pain in our lives so that the joys are more meaningful and we need enough loss to appreciate what we have...give your dogs a big hug...and your human family too!

Still hoping for Dot-bear's safe return...

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Everything stated here is so true. I too have 3 basenjis, but one is missing. My young girl Dot has climbed the fence and not returned. It has been three weeks of heartbreak and you do not want this to happen. We have about 1.5 acres fenced with 48 inch high fence with barbed wire at the top and Sofia will still get through. She has been on a leash or under close supervision since Dot's escape. My other firl Femi does not try to climb or get out a all. She is more food motivated and recalls extremely well! A fence is a must and still is not "safe."

Still searching….

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The link from basenjimamma was extremely helpful! It gave me the idea to again distribute "reminder" letters to my neighbors, since one of them saw a small brown dog near the driveway today….

it has been 3 weeks today....what if Dot is unsure of where home is and needs lured to return? Do you all feel this breed would go feral quickly?

On the website, there was a comment about "people feel coyote are dangerous to dogs" is something I have heard a lot in my search. That Dot was a victim....I do live in the country, but I won't let that sad possibility stop me from finding her.

Thanks again to you all. Will update soon.

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Dot has not yet been found, but the calls and help from neighbors and everyone is encouraging and means a lot.

The craigslist rust colored dog was an older beagle mix…

Today, a neighbor saw a small brown dog running with a small black dog near my driveway, but when I searched I didn't see any. There was a collar on the brown dog, which Dot was not wearing, but someone could have put it on her....A vet told me not to give up; they have found 2 lost/stolen dogs with other folks. I feel good that there are lots of eyes looking for her. I put out more flyers this past weekend, farther and farther out. I will keep searching everyday. Dot, please come home!

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You guys are all so wonderful. Thank you for the kind words and ideas. I will keep you updated. The world will know if I find my Dot. I am on my way to Craigslist right now! Thank you basenjimamma for looking there!

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