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I'm not going anywhere for a while so rules will probably change by then, but I was wondering if anyone has flown with their basenjis in the cabin. What do you have to do/bring special. Is it just call the airline and reserve a space for the dog, and get a carrier that's allowed in the cabin? Is it easier to fly with a puppy, or a full grown dog? When I might need to travel, it may be to pick up a puppy in the future, as I probably won't want to drive cross country with a puppy, and I 'm not at all sure where I would get the puppy from.

Carriers that are allowed in the Cabin are called "sherpa bags". Puppies are pretty easy to fly with in the cabin (must stay in the bad and on the floor under your feet). You would want to try and get the breeder to start getting the pup used to the Sherpa before you go to pick them up…. and you would want to make sure they are "really" tired before you leave for the airport...
For an adult dog, some applies, train them to the sherpa, just like you would a crate. Make sure they are "really" tired... I have flown puppies in Sherpa bags without problems....

Now they say that in a Sherpa they still need to be able to stand up and turn around .... and some airlines will check... some will not... and especially if you Basenji is really used to the Sherpa... most will not notice the size of the Basenji (at least not till you have to take them out for the "xray" and carry them through the check points..

I know someone that took their bitch to the airport in a Sherpa and she was very comfortable in the bag... the airline however didn't think the bag was big enough and made her put her in as baggage....

Enforcement and interpretation of rules really varies from airline to airline and airport to airport. I have flown with my girl Rio back and forth from Sacramento to LAX several times. I flew United each time and have never had a problem with her. But the airline personnel just glance over to the bag see that she is comfortably napping and leave her alone. I always make sure she is in the bag when we enter the airport and that the counter staff never sees her out of the bag if I can help it.

The security personnel don't seem to care as long as my ticket says I have a dog with me. I guess they figure if I made it through check in, then it must be okay.

I use the largest size of the Sherpa brand bags. I do train them to be comfortable in the bag and always have tasty treats with me for the airport so I can get them into the bag when needed and reward quiet behavior. The only part Rio really hates is the take off because it is so loud.

Do they cry when in the cabin?
Or is it like a car, they just sleep?

Rio cries a little during take off. She really doesn't like the jet noise but it is really quite whining and most people don't even notice it. She settles down after that usually just naps like in the car.

When I flew with Rally as a 10 week old puppy she was quiet the entire time except during dinner service. She could smell the steak they were serving and cried. Though she was far quieter than the three year old child 2 rows in front of us who screamed, yelled, and cried for nearly the entire flight.

Hubby and I are talking about getting a place down in Fl when we retire, for the cold winter months in the PNW.
I told him we would have to drive and he said, naw, just fly the dogs down with us.
But I don't think they let 2 dogs in the cabin do they?
Well, in the 6 yrs it will take us to get to retirement, all the rules will probably change anyway…

Yes, they do let 2 dogs in the cabin, I think that is the limit though. I know it is more than 1.

Thanks…the way the airlines are changing their rules and charging extra, we might have to sit in the empty cargo hold...or pay extra for the seats upstairs!~

From what I have read, it is 2 in coach and 1 more in first class. I would recommend making sure it's a large plane, as they will allow more dogs, maybe 3 if it's a big plane.

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